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W.A.S.P. - Re-Idolized [The Soundtrack To The Crimson Idol] (2018) 0dayrox Exclusive

W.A.S.P. - Re-Idolized [The Soundtrack To The Crimson Idol] (2018) 0dayrox Exclusive full

Napalm Records will release February 2, 2018, W.A.S.P. "Re-Idolized (The Soundtrack To The Crimson Idol)", the 25th anniversary of the iconic concept album 'The Crimson Idol' as it was originally intended — film and soundtrack united and released as one special product.
"Re-Idolized (The Soundtrack To The Crimson Idol)" also features several songs never released before, discarded by the record company due to 'CD physical space'.

Indeed, "Re-Idolized (The Soundtrack To The Crimson Idol)" comes in 2 CD, as with the new songs doesn't fit into 1.
The Crimson Idol CD was originally intended to be accompanied by a movie, with several hundred hours of film that were shot to create approximately 60 minutes of movie footage. "Re-Idolized (The Soundtrack To The Crimson Idol)" includes the video for the first time, both on DVD / Blu-ray.

The album is still considered to be the best of W.A.S.P.'s career, and one of the greatest Rock concept albums of all time. "The Crimson Idol" tells the twisted tale of a suicidal rock and roll icon and the perils that come with fame.
With guitarist Chris Holmes no longer a member of W.A.S.P., Blackie Lawless recorded "The Crimson Idol" with guitarist Bob Kulick (KISS, BLACKJACK) and drummers Stet Howland and Frankie Banali (QUIET RIOT).
In fact, the record was intended as a solo album, but Lawless bowed to fan pressure and released it under the W.A.S.P. name.

It’s a great record and more Rock fans need to be familiar with it, hell, even re-acquainted with it.
Too often we’re inundated with mundane crap and cookie cutter nonsense, but, more often than not, gems like "Re-Idolized (The Soundtrack To The Crimson Idol)" get released and soon forgotten because of the 'attention deficit hyperactivity disorder' age of the Internet we live in.
Let’s not let that happen this time.

W.A.S.P. - Re-Idolized [The Soundtrack To The Crimson Idol] (2018) 0dayrox Exclusive - cd photo

Voted one of the Top 20 conceptual albums of all-time by Metal Hammer magazine, The Crimson Idol is obviously more of a soundtrack than, say, a straight rock 'n' roll album.
Now it's complete in "Re-Idolized (The Soundtrack To The Crimson Idol)", adding very good tracks never heard before, plus a fresh remastering.
HIGHLY Recommended

Only at 0dayrox

01 - The Titanic Overture
02 - The Invisible Boy
03 - Arena Of Pleasure
04 - Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The New Morgue)
05 - The Gypsy Meets the Boy
06 - Michael's Song
07 - Miss You
08 - Doctor Rockter

01 - I Am One
02 - The Idol
03 - Hold on to My Heart
04 - Hey Mama
05 - The Lost Boy
06 - The Peace
07 - Show Time
08 - The Great Misconceptions of Me

Blackie Lawless – vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass
Bob Kulick – lead guitar
Doug Aldrich – lead guitar ("Arena of Pleasure"; uncredited)
Frankie Banali – drums
Stet Howland – drums



NEAL SCHON (Journey) - Ave Maria EP (2017)

NEAL SCHON (Journey) - Ave Maria EP (2017) full

Journey guitarist NEAL SCHON is embracing the Christmas spirit with 'open arms' by releasing a new holiday EP titled "Ave Maria". Schon’s first-ever solo holiday release, includes soaring renditions of the popular Catholic hymn “Ave Maria,” Elvis Presley‘s classic ballad “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, and two memorable re-done Journey hits: “Open Arms” and “Faithfully.”

Schon has been quiet on social media more recently, though back in November – possibly while he was finishing Ave Maria – the guitarist tweeted that he was "deeply in artistic mode."
Schon's interpretation of the Franz Schubert composition 'Ave Maria' is a beautiful, glorious rendition of a truly classic song – it’s a must add to your Holiday play list.
And you can hear Journey's 'Open Arms' and 'Faithfully' like never before, re-arranged and with a different vibe.

1 - Ave Maria
2 - Open Arms
3 - Can't Help Falling in Love
4 - Faithfully



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HYSTERIA - Back To The Oldschool (2017)

HYSTERIA - Back To The Oldschool (2017) full

What you can expect from a band baptized HYSTERIA? And a debut titled "Back To The Oldschool"? Sure, classic hard rock with melodies upfront. This Swiss act was formed in 2013 and after some line-up changes, they are presenting their first effort.

Although you might think that HYSTERIA will sound like Def Leppard due to their band name there really isn’t much DEF LEPPARD to be heard on "Back To The Oldschool". Well, maybe their early rhythm guitars style.
There are however many ’80s influences for sure.
It starts off with a very AC/DC (think Fly On The Wall era for the more polished sound) intro to the opening track “Heartwall”, but then the song turns more melodic in a HELIX vein. “Devil’s Little Helper” is more 'Americanized', with a little sleazy riffs and choruses.

You have some midtempo twin guitar melodies in the classic '80s British fashion (bring to mind HEAVY PETTIN') all over “Dead Man’s Walking” (a highlight), as well as a very ACE FREHLEY like sounding solo.
HYSTERIA delivers the obligatory ballad in “Groupie #1”, but it's developed over a midtempo skeleton, somekind of that power ballads done by POISON or GUNS N' ROSES at their heyday.
Then there's an opening guitar riff that could have easily been on a TORA TORA album during the song “Overloaded”, the most hard rocking song from the tracklist.
"River Of Whisky" has a bit of early TYKETTO or TESLA, with some nice acoustics added to the mix.

HYSTERIA - Back To The Oldschool (2017) inside

Yes, HYSTERIA draw from many ’80s era influences, but you almost expect it from their debut title "Back To The Oldschool".
Good songs and an overall LA / Hollywood feel are over these songs, well composed and performed - special mention to both guitarists, skilled and with a cool set-up sound - and very well Recorded & Produced by Mack (yes, the man behind some DEEP PURPLE, SCORPIONS, QUEEN epics, as well).
Two Thumbs Up!

01 - Heartwall
02 - Devil's Little Helper
03 - Dead Man's Walking
04 - Groupie #1
05 - Overloaded
06 - River of Whisky

Tom Hoochy Coo – lead vocals
Arni – guitar, backing vocals
Luca – guitar, backing vocals
Manu – bass, backing vocals
Mäse – drums



ALCATRAZZ - Breaking The Heart Of The City; The Best Of Alcatrazz 1983-1986 Box Set (2017)

ALCATRAZZ - Breaking The Heart Of The City; The Best Of Alcatrazz 1983-1986 Box Set (2017) full
HERE the Real one

Put on sale as the 'perfect Christmas gift' for hard rockers, Cherry Red / Hear No Evil Records just released "Breaking The Heart Of The City; The Best Of Alcatrazz 1983-1986", a mammoth 3-CD ALCATRAZZ Box Set, including a bunch of previously unreleased material rounding it as the definitve ALCATRAZZ collection.

Few frontmen can claim to have had such a lengthy and far-reaching career as Graham Bonnet; first finding fame as part of The Marbles, enjoying a hit with the Bee Gees’ ‘Only One Woman’ in 1968; a solo career across the 70s; further success with the Bee Gees’, and the disco flavoured ‘Warm Ride’.
But Graham found what was possibly his greatest success replacing Ronnie James Dio in Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow for 1979’s “Down To Earth”, and the worldwide hit singles ‘All Night Long’ and ‘Since You Been Gone’.
Solo success beckoned with ‘Night Games’ and the “Line-Up” album in 1981, before briefly joining The Michael Schenker Group for 1982’s “Assault Attack”.

By 1983, it was obvious that Graham should recapture some of his Rainbow glory days by forming a new band with a similar vein of melodic hard rock running through it. To that end, he formed Alcatrazz with a formidable, but relatively young 20 year old Swedish guitarist named Yngwie Malmsteen.
Bonnet and Malmsteen formed an impressive songwriting partnership, with songs such as ‘Island In The Sun’ and ‘Hiroshima Mon Amour’ on the band’s debut offering,
“No Parole From Rock ‘N’ Roll”. ‘Jet To Jet’, ‘Kree Nakoorie’, ‘Too Young To Die, Too Drunk To Live’, ‘Starcarr Lane’ and ‘Suffer Me’ are also included.

Making a healthy dent on the US chart, aided by videos aimed squarely at MTV, nowhere was Alcatrazz’s impact felt as strongly as Japan, where the band became instant stars.
A Japanese tour was booked for early 1984, with plans to record a number of dates for the inevitable “Live in Japan” LP. As it happened, the performance at Tokyo’s Nakano Sun Plaza venue was deemed so good that no other concerts were considered for inclusion on the “Live Sentence” release, which includes unique versions of ‘Night Games’, MSG’s ‘Desert Song’, and Rainbow’s ‘Since You Been Gone’, ‘All Night Long’ and ‘Lost In Hollywood’.

CD One is completed with 1983 instrumental demos of ‘General Hospital’, ‘Incubus’ and ‘Big Foot’, as well as a previously unreleased version of Russ Ballard’s ‘S.O.S.’, recorded at Yngwie Malmsteen’s audition for the band.

ALCATRAZZ - Breaking The Heart Of The City; The Best Of Alcatrazz 1983-1986 Box Set (2017) - disc 3 photo

When Yngwie left in 1984 to pursue a successful career as a solo artist fronting his own Rising Force, Alcatrazz not only lost a key songwriter, but also a musician who would turn out to be one of the most influential lead guitarists of the decade and beyond. Although a relative unknown at the time, it was a stroke of genius when future David Lee Roth and Whitesnake guitarist Steve Vai joined the band.
Signing to EMI’s US subsidiary Capitol Records, “Disturbing the Peace” was released in 1985, led by the single and MTV favourite ‘God Blessed Video’. Also included from the album are ‘Mercy’, ‘Will You Be Home Tonight’, ‘Wire And Wood’, ‘Desert Diamond’, ‘Painted Lover’ and ‘Skyfire’.

Alcatrazz’s underrated third and final album, “Dangerous Games”, is represented here with a revisit to ‘It’s My Life’, plus the 12” remix of ‘Undercover’, on CD for the very first time.
Disc Two is completed by 6 previously unreleased demo / rehearsals from 1985 for the “Dangerous Games” album, including ‘Set Me Free’, ‘Blue Boar’ and ‘No Imagination’.

Possibly of the most interest to fans of Alcatrazz, and especially Yngwie Malmsteen, is the third disc comprising of previously unreleased 1983 rehearsals and writing sessions, giving a unique insight into the composition and arrangements for the “No Parole…” record.

ALCATRAZZ - Breaking The Heart Of The City; The Best Of Alcatrazz 1983-1986 Box Set (2017) box back

As said, "Breaking The Heart Of The City; The Best Of Alcatrazz 1983-1986" is the definitve Alcatrazz collection, including the best studio songs completely remastered plus a lot of unreleased material.
Some of the demos sound better that others, but what matters here is their previously unheard status. All tracks have been included for their historical importance, and to present a complete Alcatrazz Anthology, in the studio, rehearsal and live on stage.
Strongly Recommended

01 - Island in the Sun
02 - Jet to Jet
03 - Hiroshima Mon Amour
04 - Kree Nakoorie
05 - Too Young to Die, Too Drunk to Live
06 - Starcarr Lane
07 - Suffer Me
from LIVE SENTENCE 1984:
08 - Night Games (Live 1984)
09 - Since You've Been Gone (Live 1984)
10 - Desert Song (Live 1984)
11 - Evil Eye (Live 1984)
12 - All Night Long (Live 1984)
13 - Lost in Hollywood (Live 1984)
14 - General Hospital (Instrumental Demo)
15 - Incubus (Instrumental Demo)
16 - Big Foot (Instrumental Demo)
17 - S.O.S. (Yngwie Malmsteen Audition)

01 - God Blessed Video
02 - Mercy
03 - Will You Be Home Tonight
04 - Wire and Wood
05 - Desert Diamond
06 - Painted Lover
07 - Skyfire
08 - It's My Life
09 - Undercover (12 Inch Remix)
10 - Ohayo Tokyo
11 - Dangerous Games
12 - Blue Boar
13 - Witchwood
14 - Double Man
15 - Night of the Shooting Star
16 - Set Me Free (Live Rehearsal Vocal Take)
17 - No Imagination (Live Rehearsal Vocal Take)
18 - Jimmy Waldo Instrumental
19 - Blue Boar (Instrumental Rehearsal Demo Take)
20 - Double Man (Instrumental Rehearsal Demo Take)
21 - Rider (Instrumental Rehearsal Demo Take 3)

01 - Incubus (Take 1)
02 - Incubus (Take 2)
03 - Kree Nakoorie (Take 1)
04 - Kree Nakoorie (Take 2)
05 - I'm Not Down
06 - Big Foot (Take 1)
07 - Big Foot (Take 2)
08 - Jet to Jet (Live - Rehearsal)
09 - Kree Nakoorie (Take 3)
10 - Starcarr Lane (Live - Rehearsal)
11 - Too Young to Die, Too Drunk to Live
12 - General Hospital

Graham Bonnet: Vocals
Yngwie Malmsteen: Guitars (1983-1984)
Steve Vai: Guitars (1984-1985)
Danny Johnson: Guitar (1985-1986)
Gary Shea: Bass
Jan Uvena: Drums
Jimmy Waldo: Keyboards



DEEP PURPLE - Made In Japan [Remastered - 2CD Deluxe Edition]

DEEP PURPLE - Made In Japan [Remastered - 2CD Deluxe Edition] full

DEEP PURPLE’s monstrous power as a live act was solidified more than four decades ago with the release of their first live album, "Made In Japan". Universal Music are releasing a tidal wave of the record in many different formats, from remasters to expansions to box sets on CD, vinyl and Blu-Ray.

Deep Purple took their first tour in Japan seriously, and brought the Rolling Stones mobile with them to record it. No stranger to live recordings (or being bootlegged!) the MK II line-up was taped on all 3 dates at Osaka and Tokyo.
The result was a staggering success, and captured the band's stage show at it's electrifying best. Blistering harmony & unison interplay between Blackmore and Lord, a rhythm section containing the one of the world's best rock drummer in Ian Paice and the hugely underrated Roger Glover on bass was capped off by a storming performance of Ian Gillan's silver throated vocal.

Having just recorded 'Machine Head' the bulk of the set comes from that LP - but "Child in Time" (from In Rock) is an astonishing testament to how good DP were at the time. The best live rock band on the planet, by some considerable margin.

DP's instrumentals were well crafted, and had some huge cues. If you listen to any of their live stuff in any depth you'll see what I mean. The opener, "Highway Star", introduces you to the band and is followed by "Child in Time". Nuff said.
"Smoke on the Water" is considered to be the band's most memorable riff by the public (check out any music shop on a Saturday afternoon!) and "The Mule" is a Paice solo spot.

"Strange kind of Woman" is the standout track for me - Blackmore and Gillan (so often at odds with each other) united on stage with the question and answer phrasing and posturing. "Lazy" is Jon Lord's tour de force.
The LP is finished off with a rousing 20 minutes of "Space Truckin' - a bit of everything in this, really, and a very powerful set closer.

This 2014 reissue of "Made In Japan" comes in various formats; a Super Deluxe Edition including 4CD + DVD box set featuring the complete 1972 Japanese tour - that is the main album plus the three concerts complete as they were recorded in 1972, the same stuff but on 9 vinyl LP, a Blue-ray, and more.

You don't need those.
I mean, if you are a fan of Deep Purple or just like this mythical album, you already have a copy.
But the interesting thing about this reissue is the fresh remastering, and we recommend to buy this Deluxe Edition to hear it. It comes with a bonus CD including the complete encores from all three shows, which is nice.

But again, the meat & potato here is the original "Made In Japan" Remastered 2014.
The sound and clarity obtained is truly awesome. There's a subtle remix done from the original tapes to perfectly match the multi-track recording metrics, and now thanks to modern technology, everything fits into place.

DEEP PURPLE - Made In Japan [Remastered - 2CD Deluxe Edition] cd photo

Purists don't be scared; the recording has not been changed, the remix was done to fit the tapes as it should have been done originally but technological limitations prevented. Mastering is first class, no gaps.
This 2-CD edition is not easy to find, a great piece of Rock history - perhaps the greatest Hard Rock live album ever - now with an incredible sound.

CD 1: Made In Japan remastered 2014:
01 - Highway Star (2014 Remaster)
02 - Child in Time (2014 Remaster)
03 - Smoke On the Water (2014 Remaster)
04 - The Mule (2014 Remaster)
05 - Strange Kind of Woman (2014 Remaster)
06 - Lazy (2014 Remaster)
07 - Space Truckin' (2014 Remaster)

CD 2: Encores From All Three Nights:
01 - Black Night (Osaka, August 15)
02 - Speed King (Osaka, August 15)
03 - Black Night (Osaka, August 16)
04 - Lucille (Osaka, August 16)
05 - Black Night (Tokyo, August 17)
06 - Speed King (Tokyo, August 17)

Ian Gillan – lead vocals, harmonica
Ritchie Blackmore – guitar
Jon Lord – keyboards
Ian Paice – drums
Roger Glover – bass



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KENNY LOGGINS - Vox Humana [AOR CITY Series 2017 - remastered +2] EXCLUSIVE

KENNY LOGGINS - Vox Humana [AOR CITY Series 2017 - remastered +2] full

Last year we featured some titles from the great Sony Music Japan campaign AOR CITY 1000, a low-priced remastered reissue on 100 classic AOR / AC albums from their back catalog, many of them out of print or hard to find. Now the label has presented AOR CITY Series Vol.2 2017, new 100 classic albums available for a limited period of time until the end of 2018.
There's some little gems in these new series such a this KENNY LOGGINS "Vox Humana", a lovely melodic album with that unmistakable mid-80s sound & production.

After Loggins & Messina, KENNY LOGGINS solo carreer explored a mix of styles ranging from R&B / funk to Westcoast smooth poppy AOR.
But then, the dividing point for Kenny was, naturally, Footloose, the blockbuster 1984 hit that helped turn him into something of a teen sensation at the age of 36, and with the assistance of Michael Omartian and David Foster, he dove headfirst into synthesizers, radio-ready rock&pop / lite AOR, hugely layered backing vocals and chicken-scratch guitars.

With a polished, crystal clear production, KENNY LOGGINS released "Vox Humana" (Latin phrase meaning "human voice") in 1985, including the who's who in the recording sessions, such as Toto's Steve Lukather, David Paich & Steve Porcaro, top AOR guitar players Tim Pierce and Michael Landau, bass guitar monster Nathan East, Mr. Mister's Richard Page on harmony vocals and the stellar cast continues.

AOR Music 40th Anniversary AOR CITY 1000

"No Lookin' Back" and "Let There Be Love" are two high spirited tunes with that classic R&B foundation yet with a commercial patina, while "I'll Be There" and the sensual "Loraine" are flat out '80s styled lite AOR tunes with some great pumping basslines, sweet guitar work and Loggin's soulful vocal instrument working the tunes on every end of the spectrum helped by a star backing vocalists.

Occasionally, he tossed a glance back to the his previous Westcoast -- "I'm Gonna Do It Right" is a nice Michael McDonald song, just given a tight sequencing; "At Last" also contains similar shimmering soft echoes -- but a good chunk of "Vox Humana" is bombastic and uptempo bright.

KENNY LOGGINS - Vox Humana [AOR CITY Series 2017 - remastered +2] BACK

The original CD edition of "Vox Humana" suffered from a poor digital transfer with a very low sound signal. This remaster finally makes justice to the album: compared to the 1985 release and 2008 Wounded Bird CDs, the difference is immediate and profoundly noticable.
Additionally, it's nice to have for the first time the previously unreleased on CD two tracks from the Caddyshack movie soundtrack as bonus tracks.

This is you chance to get a Japanese remastered edition of this true '80s album remastered with a pristine sound and now sold at a really affordable price. The sound quality and manufacturing is excellent.
HIGHLY Recommended

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

Sony Music Japan ~ 【SICP-5486-CD】
A O R C I T Y 1000 VOL 2

01 - Vox Humana
02 - No Lookin' Back
03 - Let There Be Love
04 - I'll Be There
05 - I'm Gonna Do It Right
06 - Forever
07 - At Last
08 - Loraine
09 - Love Will Follow
10 - Lead The Way (from the movie Caddyshack)
11 - Make The Move (from the movie Caddyshack)

Lead vocals: Kenny Loggins
Guest Lead Vocals: Sheena Easton (track 5)
Guitars: Kenny Loggins, Tim Pierce, Michael Landau, Paul Jackson, Jr., Steve Lukather, David Williams
Keyboards, synthesizers: Michael Omartian, David Foster, Randy Kerber, Neil Larsen, Steve Wood, Michael Boddicker, Greg Phillinganes, Randy Waldman, David Paich, Steve Porcaro, Bo Tomlyn
Bass guitar: Nathan East
Drums: Tris Imboden, John "JR" Robinson, Michael Baird
Percussion: Paulinho da Costa, Sheila E
Saxophone: David Sanborn
String arrangement: Jeremy Lubbock (track 5)
Backing vocals: Richard Page, Steve George, El Debarge, Hamish Stuart, Sheena Easton, Marilyn Martin (track 9), Donna McDaniel, The Pointer Sisters, Philip Bailey, Carl Anderson, Carl Caldwell, Howard Hewett



MORIAH - Moriah EP + Mirror Man [2-CD digitally remastered reissue]

MORIAH - Moriah EP + Mirror Man [2-CD digitally remastered reissue] (2016) full

Easily among of the best US Melodic Hard Rock indie releases from the beginning of the '90s, both MORIAH albums "Moriah EP" & "Mirror Man" have been digitally remastered & released by the band themselves in a 2-CD set.

Formed in 1986 Moriah soon became very popular in the upstate NY region during the late '80s / early '90s. In 1991 the band released a self-titled 5 song EP, including the power ballad 'Sun Always Shines' which soon became a staple for local airplay in Rochester, NY, and wound up on the stations top 50 most requested songs of that year.

But Moriah main sound was the US Melodic Hard Rock style so popular in the era, influenced by Night Ranger, XYZ, Warrant, Lynch Mob and alike.
The rest of the tracks from the EP are in this style, like the punchy 'Hit And Run', 'Bleeding Heart' with subtle AOR touches, the solid midtempo 'Billy Raise Your Guns', and the the also midtempo but plenty of energy 'I Need Your Love' including lovely keyboards.

MORIAH - Moriah EP + Mirror Man [2-CD digitally remastered reissue] (2016) discs

In 1993 Moriah released the full length CD "Mirror Man", again with a couple of singles hitting the radio and with the band gaining even more fans and touring all over the US East coast.
With more mature songwriting & arrangements, "Mirror Man" is a bit harder than its predecessor, but still melodic and catchy with great songs like 'Money Talks', 'Lies', the highly melodic 'All Night & Day', and another very good power ballad in 'Dreamin' About You'.

As many bands of this ilk, Moriah split with the change of musical climate in the US. But the band delivered these two stupendous albums which despite its indie origin were really well recorded with a high production standard.

MORIAH - Moriah EP + Mirror Man [2-CD digitally remastered reissue] (2016) back

For years out of print and with rare copies sold for over $100, now both Moriah albums are available in this remastered 2-CD set thanks to ex- band members which decided the re-release due to fans demand.
A great slice of pure late '80s US Melodic Hard Rock. (thanks to Jody for this one!)
Very, Highly Recommended

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

DISC 1: Moriah EP remastered
01 - Hit And Run
02 - Bleeding Heart
03 - Sun Always Shines
04 - Billy Raise Your Guns
05 - I Need Your Love

DISC 2: Mirror Man remastered
01 - Money Talks
02 - Mirror Man
03 - Angels & Sinners
04 - Lies
05 - Dreamin' About You
06 - Fight For Your Life
07 - All Night & Day
08 - Nuts & Bolts
09 - Never Far From You
10 - W.A.C. (White American Child)
11 - Hidden Track

Mic Cardone: Vocals
Pete Manuel: Guitars
Curt Allen: Bass
Tom Bittner: Drums
Jeff Koza, Nick Levine: Keyboards



ROBERT PALMER - Riptide [HD Remaster Paper Sleeve LP replica]

ROBERT PALMER - Riptide [HD Remaster Paper Sleeve] download

One of the most underrated artists in popular music, English singer, songwriter & gentleman ROBERT PALMER gained the reputation as something of a maverick. There was no consistent style between his albums, which many put down to his keenness to adapt his musical output to the trends of the time. He has done everything; blues, soul, funk-disco and new wave, but yes, also rock or power rock&pop if you prefer.
Palmer’s 1985 chart topper "Riptide" is his best and most iconic album, and now it's being reissued in an incredible remastered HQ sound Deluxe CD Paper Sleeve Vinyl Replica by the specialized label Culture Factory.

I don't know you, but for me, Palmer's supergroup The Power Station and their debut album released at the very beginning of 1985 still is one of my favorite '80s power rock&pop recordings from that glorious decade.
Coming on the heels of the massive success of The Power Station, "Riptide" (released in November, 1985) packages a similar musical punch whilst giving more prominence to Palmer’s unique vocal sound into a commercial series of mostly rocking songs that seem custom-tailored to be chart hits.
As soon as you hear the album’s signature tune "Addicted To Love", you might as well be on the set of Miami Vice cruising around the sun drench strip in pastel suits and aviator sunglasses.

The Power Station connection threatens to overpower Palmer’s usually more eclectic musical interest, but with that band’s producer/member Bernard Edwards handling production duties and members Andy Taylor and Tony Thompson contributing as well, stylistic similarities were inevitable... and welcomed.
"Flesh Wound" with its squelching staccato guitars and tribal drums indeed sounds like 'Some Like It Hot', and together with the vital "Discipline Of Love" both come straight off the mid '80s production line. And I love it.

ROBERT PALMER - Riptide [HD Remaster Paper Sleeve] CD

However, there are plenty of moments in this disc where Robert shows his versatility. The spare, synclavier heavy, reinterpretation of Earl King’s "Trick Bag" showcases Palmer’s awesome blues voice and makes one question why he didn’t do more of this stuff in his lifetime.
This is neatly juxtaposed by the silky smooth, ultra-yuppie (this pure '80s my friends), slow burner "Get It Through Your Heart" and marvellously betrays his crooner credentials. Another cut full of his innate sense of rhythm comes in the stylized "I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On", where as plus Eddie Martinez (David Lee Roth band) provides a free lesson on how to track down 'dry' percussive pin-up guitars.

If there was ever an album which defined yuppie-dom (with the good and the bad of it) and consequently the pure mid-'80s sounds & stylings, it is this one. "Riptide" showcases the energy, atmosphere and sheer joy of that decade wrapped by an impeccable production.
This Culture Factory limited edition / high quality remastered release (96 kHz / 24 BIT) is the 'state of the art', reproducing meticulously as well all the components of the original LP with authentic gatefold cardboard jacket and paper sleeves.
Yes, to me, this is a must have.

01 - Riptide
02 - Hyperactive
03 - Addicted To Love
04 - Trick Bag
05 - Get It Through Your Heart
06 - I Didn't Mean To Turn You On
07 - Flesh Wound
08 - Discipline Of Love
09 - Riptide (Reprise)

Robert Palmer – Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Drums, Keyboards
Bernard Edwards – Bass, Production
Tony Thompson – Drums
Eddie Martinez – Guitar
Andy Taylor – Guitar (track 3)
Donny Wynn – Drums (tracks 5, 8)
Guy Pratt – Bass (track 8)
Jeff Bova, Wally Badarou Jack Waldman – Keyboards
Lenny Pickett – Horns
Benny Diggs, Fonzi Thornton – Background Vocals (track 3)
Chaka Khan – Vocal Arrangement (track 3)



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TASTE - We Are Back (2018) [exlusive]

TASTE - We Are Back (2018) full

Brothers Christopher and Felix Borg are the core force behind TASTE, the Swedish AOR band from Göteborg who released by themselves a lovely collection of AOR songs several years ago. Now the duo returns with the properly titled "We Are Back", a new work to be released January 5th, 2018. And at 0dayrox we're delighted with it!

Christopher and Felix Borg (both ex ART NATION) are skilled multi-instrumentalists, and Chris is as well experienced producing & mixing having worked with the likes of KEE MARCELLO, EVERGREY, etc. Oh, and they they have the knack to write some infectious songs.
Their music is pure mid-80s AOR in all aspects, songwriting, style & sound. Think FM debut 'Indiscreet' with tons of keyboards and that commercial approach. It's fun, but when this type of music was in its apogee, they were merely kids.
However, they know all the AOR tricks from A to Z.

"We Are Back" is just a fantastic song ticking all right boxes to become a hit: a pumping bass foundation, heavenly midtempo verses and a catchy as hell chorus. Christoffer's vocals have the right balance between intense and melodious, with a timbre specially designed for the genre: hooky Melodic Rock / AOR.

Take for granted that these guys have perfectly learned the lesson from the genre '80s masters. Just check numbers such as "Our Dreams" bringing back a soaring FM-like melody that seems composed in 1986. Fine lead vocals by Christoffer who also plays guitar in a very John Norum style, particularly with his mid-Eighties sound. Felix plays real drums, bass, guitar, keys and provide really good backing vocals.
"Cry for Love" has a midtempo pace in the SHY mould but much more melodious, followed by the melodic rock of "Don't Give Up", reminiscent of their contemporary countryman HOUSTON.

"Stay" and "Danger Games" has the STRANGEWAYS (UK) sound imprinted all over, both among the most complete tracks on offer here, while "Fallen Angel" is the American tilted tune of the bunch, and a strong one.
TASTE are also able to deliver ballads being "My Rose" quite EUROPE or TREAT influenced, and "The One" a bit more uptempo, melodious and consistent.

Yes, they come from Sweden (not surprising eh?), and yes, bros. Borg / TASTE are the 'Scandinavian AOR' real deal.
"We Are Back" will be one of the best 2018 songs for sure, a terrific way to start the year, January 5th.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 - We Are Back
02 - Back To The Future
03 - Our Dreams
04 - Cry For Love
05 - Dont Give Up
06 - Stay
07 - My Rose
08 - Danger Games
09 - Doesnt Feel Like Love
10 - In My Arms (Tonight)
11 - The One
12 - Fallen Angel

Christoffer Borg - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass
Felix Borg - Drums, Guitar, Percussion, Keyboards, Bass

0dayrox Exclusive
On sale January 5th, 2018



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MICHAEL WHITE - Michael White [Rock Candy remastered] (2017)

MICHAEL WHITE - Michael White [Rock Candy remastered] (2017) full

Rock Candy Records has 'Remastered & Reloaded' MICHAEL WHITE self-titled effort from 1987, for years impossible to find on any format and now reissued on CD for the first time.

American born MICHAEL WHITE started his career at the end of the Seventies as member of underground L.A. bands such as 'The Boys' (alongside pre-DOKKEN George Lynch and Mick Brown), 'L.A. Rocks' with W.A.S.P.'s Randy Piper, and in Nikki Sixx's pre-Motley 'London'.
Looking for a more classic sound Michael formed 'The White', his own band. Mixing originals with LED ZEPPELIN covers, the group toured extensively throughout North America.

Interestingly, Michael’s stab at solo success included an unexpectedly successful entrée into the business.
Encouraged by Robert Plant himself, he submitted demos to Atlantic Records that were eventually sanctioned by the most important executive at the label, namely label founder, and the man who originally signed Zeppelin, Ahmet Ertegun.

Paired with hot-shot producer Mack (QUEEN, BILLY SQUIER), Michael was sent to Munich to record, but problems emerged almost immediately when Mack dismissed Michael’s band (including future W.A.S.P. guitarist Randy Piper and former MOXY drummer Danny Bilan) after only a handful of tracks had been taped. Also Alan St. Jon and Bobby Chouinard, both from BILLY SQUIER band, took part of the sessions.
Michael suddenly felt that the project slipping away from him when Mack insisted on using session players and utilising electronic programming, however, everything resulted satisfactory.

Issued in 1987, "Michael White" (the album) received positive acclaim for not only its content but also the way it steered clear of immediate Zeppelin comparisons. Indeed, if anything, the record displayed a decided nod to solo era Robert Plant, and it boasted an impressive selection of wide-screen epics such as ‘Matriarch’, ‘One Good Turn’, and the crowning glory ‘Psychometry’.

But "Michael White", according to the era, also delivers commercial '80s American Melodic Rock here; the catchy 'Fantasy', the keyboard filled 'Radio' or the incredibly smooth 'I Know You Need Someone', one of my favorites here.
On the radio-friendly "Deja Vu" Michael goes AOR-rock, and 'Dirty Dancer' rocks with a melodic sense.

MICHAEL WHITE - Michael White [Rock Candy remastered] (2017) back

"Michael White" is a very good album mixing classic bluesy hard rock from the British school and '80s American rario-ready Melodic Rock. It's some kind of a mix between KINGDOM COME, STONE FURY, GREAT WHITE, WHITESNAKE, etc. including finely crafted songs.
Production is painted with that tipical slick '80s sound and a classy vibe, and fortunately, this Rock Candy remaster is not saturated / brickwalled respecting the album's nature.
HIGHLY Recommended

0dayrox Exclusive

01 - Fantasy
02 - I Know You Need Someone
03 - Bring On The Night
04 - Matriarch
05 - One Good Turn
06 - Psychometry
07 - Deja Vu
08 - Jumpin The Fence
09 - Radio
10 - Dirty Dancer

Michael White: Lead & Backing Vocals
Claus Heuser: Guitars
Phil Bolenz: Guitars
Rick Dellefield: Keyboards
Steven Wissnet: Bass
Curt Cress: Drums
Danny Bilan (Moxy): Drums
Bobby Chouinard (Billy Squier): Drums
Scot Gaines: Bass
Alan St. Jon (Billy Squier): Keyboards
Randy Piper (W.A.S.P.): Guitars
Paul Vincent (Meat Loaf): Guitars



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