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MILLENNIUM - Destiny (2017)

MILLENNIUM - Destiny (2017) full

Straight from Japan comes this album titled "Destiny" but the band is from Bulgaria: MILLENNIUM. Recorded in Sofia, Bulgaria, but released by a specialized Japanese label, "Destiny" is real surprise, combining the classic sounds & melodies from the likes of Toto, Asia, Kansas, etc.

Millennium is some kind of Rock cult legend in their home country, founded in 1987 by songwriter & musician Todor Grozdanov (artistic name Tony Grapes). The group was active for ten years releasing 4 albums, the last reaching more occidental audiences. However, in 1997 they disbanded looking for different musical soundscapes.
But some years ago Tony Grapes put the band together again with some new musicians into the line-up, and the result is this new Millennium album, their 5th, titled "Destiny".

First of all I must tell you that Millennium is a band with a religious / Christian background. But if this type of message / lyrics bother you, don't worry, you won't get a single line. Lyrics are in Bulgarian language.
So why I am posting this album here? The answer is simple; forget the lyrics and take the vocals as another instrument.
And I assure you there's a lot instrumentation and melodies to enjoy here.

Millennium - and that's saying mostly Tony Grapes, as the man compose, sing, play various instruments, it's at charge of production, mix & mastering and even design the artwork - is musically strongly influenced by the '80s lush, polished productions.
Take the more progressive side of Toto, plus the more AOR side of Asia, and you have Millennium's sound. Note I didn't said backwards; Toto is often mentioned as more AOR than Progressive, same with Asia; mostly Prog, then AOR.
In short; Millennium has the elegance and 'touch' of the more elaborated side of Toto, and the light proggy AOR melodies of '80s Asia.

Seriously, you'll be surprised by Millennium's excellent musicianship, arrangements and production.
The band works with a 'song format', and while there's a couple of tracks here over the six minute mark, don't be fooled; "Destiny" is typical 80s-like album, at places very catchy, with a melodic focus and a glossy sound.

All tracks are captivating, from the distinguished AOR of the opening title track, the melodic rock cheerfulness of 'OIEO' or the layered Asia-like keyboards / vocal harmonies in 'Rain', to the pure Toto-ism circa 1984 on 'Go Forward'.
The band add some modern elements as well, as hear in the middle vocal part of 'Covered With Love', and the heavier 'Only You'. There's a couple of ballads as well, yet not in the syrupy style but more in the atmospheric way, via big, clean guitars.

MILLENNIUM - Destiny (2017) inside

While Millennium is a four-piece and there's various guests in "Destiny" (including real strings), the mastermind here is Mr. Tony Grapes, a very talented musician in all departments.
Don't let the language barrier puts you out of checking this band. This is high class music recommended to all kind of listeners, but as noted above, if you like your AOR melodies elaborated with a light progressive orientation akin Toto, Asia, Kansas, etc. you need to check "Destiny" right now.

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - Destiny
02 - OIEO
03 - Rain
04 - Holy
05 - Only You
06 - Go Forward
07 - When The Sword Meets The Cross
08 - Covered With Love
09 - New Heart
10 - You're The Only One

Tony Grapes - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Joey Petrov - Keyboards, Vocals on 5
Stratsimir Dimitrov - Drums
Blazhko Matanov - Bass on 1, 2, 3 6
guest musicians:
Ivo Ivanchev - Drums 5, 8, 9
Wreaths Velev - Guitars on 4, 5, 8, 10
Michelle Nahabedyan - Saxophone on 1
Herman Meyntes - vocals on 9
Danny Grapes, Todd Radilov, Heinrich Junks - Backing Vocals
Lia Petrova, Cyril Matanov, Lyubomir Nikov - Strings



WHITE LION - Fight To Survive [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded]

WHITE LION - Fight To Survive [Rock Candy remaster]  full

Regarded by many as WHITE LION's best album, their debut "Fight To Survive" has been remastered with all the usual Rock Candy trimmings.
The story of White Lion is a fascinating tale of triumph over adversity. Sure, you might apply that characterisation to the story of legions of rock bands, but the birth of their debut album was a roller coaster ride of emotional highs and extreme lows, played out with a backdrop of uncertainty always in ominous view.

That they eventually triumphed with this album and also the platinum selling success of future releases on Atlantic Records only goes to show that talent will eventually win the day.
Formed in New York by Danish born singer Mike Tramp and talented guitarist Vito Bratta, the band made waves on the local club scene, attracting local management who had connections to German producer Peter Hauke who offered to record the band at his studio in Frankfurt.

WHITE LION - Fight To Survive [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded] booklet

With an album in the can the band were quickly signed to a sizeable deal with Elektra Records who subsequently and inexplicably decided to drop the band at the eleventh hour and the record was shelved.
Fortunately JVC / Victor in Japan licensed the album and set in motion a series of events that led to them signing with Atlantic Records.

"Fight To Survive" was eventually issued in the US on the independent Philadelphia-based Grand Slamm Records and provoked huge accolades amongst the rock cognoscenti who quite rightly hailed tracks such as "Broken Heart", "Cherokee", "The Road To Valhalla" and the title track as stunning hard rock nuggets showcasing one of the most accomplished bands of the era.

WHITE LION - Fight To Survive [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded] back

"Fight To Survive" is pure hard rock, with soaring vocals and a killer guitar work. For sure, White Lion was a different beast in the overcrowded US scene of the era, and one of the best and more distinctive.
Bright remaster by Rock Candy with a warm low end and hiss cleaning.
Highly Recommended.

01 - Broken Heart
02 - Cherokee
03 - Fight To Survive
04 - Where Do We Run
05 - In The City
06 - All The Fallen Men
07 - All Burn In Hell
08 - Kid Of 1000 Faces
09 - El Salvador
10 - The Road To Valhalla

Mike Tramp - Vocals
Vito Bratta - Guitars
Felix Robinson (Angel) - Bass
Nicky Capozzi - Drums
Harry Baierl - Piano
Roderiich Gold - Keyboards



SISTERS DOLL - All Dolled Up (2017)

SISTERS DOLL - All Dolled Up (2017) full

After their promising debut, Aussie glamsters SISTERS DOLL are back with their new album "All Dolled Up", a very fun, entertaining slice of retro '80d Sunset Strip stuff.
You would probably call bullshit if, after one listen, I told you this band is made up of three bothers — all around the 20 years old. How about this… can Sisters Doll pay homage to ’80s glam even if none of them were born until after 1986?
You can call bullshit all you want because these brothers have done just that — and they have done it well.

"All Dolled Up" is a collection of hook and energy glammy / hair metal riffs that would have ruled the late Eighties. The sound is young (in a good way) and the songwriting is mature (also in a good way).
Since the first, title track, Sisters Doll captures the sound of… pick one, Poison, Ratt, etc, and at places, more melodic stuff such as Firehouse or Alice Cooper's Trash era, and is accompanied by an image that is heavy on the lipstick and leather.
This is the sound that reminds you just about every ‘dollhouse’ experience (aka strip club) you’ve had post five drinks.

'Johnny' brings back Firehouse approved riffs, while 'Old Enough' has some Warrant to it. Do you need catchiness? Grab 'Good Day to Be Alive' with its feel-good lyrics, 'Young Forever' is a melodic statement to its title, while the polished 'Boulevard of Dreams' even has a bit of Bon Jovi.
The bluesy feel of 'Strutt' adds a nice touch to the album as well as midtempo 'Together as One' and the power ballad 'Hurricane', very Poison-ish.

SISTERS DOLL - All Dolled Up (2017) inside

Rock legend Bruce Kulick features on the rocking 'Young Wild & Free' and delivers a great classic solo performance rounding out a kicking song which, for me, validates that this band is more than just an influenced ‘Eighties’ sound wannabe.

There are way more hits than misses on Sisters Doll's "All Dolled Up" and I especially like the innocence to the songs that is probably directly related to the band members’ youth.
No, this is not an album you throw on after you just did your last bump and are waiting for your escort to knock on the door. Instead this is the album you give to your kids after they bring home boy band music (breaking your heart) to teach them about rock and roll — without pulling out some ‘old man music’ like Motley Crue or Ratt.
I enjoyed the album and love the fact that this band exists… it is encouraging!

01 - All Dolled Up
02 - Johnny
03 - Good Day to Be Alive
04 - Boulevard of Dreams
05 - Together as One
06 - Strutt
07 - Hurricane
08 - Young, Wild & Free (feat. Bruce Kulick)
09 - Old Enough
10 - Dancing with the Devil
11 - Young Forever
12 - Seen the Light
13 - Moon & Back

Brennan Mileto (vocals, guitar)
Austin Mileto (bass, backing vocals)
Bryce Mileto (drums, backing vocals)
guest musician:
Bruce Kulick (lead guitar on track 08)



Saturday, February 18, 2017

SINFUL KIXX - Midnight Fantasy [Remastered] (2017)

SINFUL KIXX - Midnight Fantasy [Remastered] (2017) full
HERE Only for 24hs

SINFUL KIXX were another glam / melodic hard band that never made it big, but for sure had the songs. Their indie release "Midnight Fantasy" has been digitally remastered by Demon Doll and Metal Legacy Records to deliver some over the top early '90s glam metal / melodic hard rock right to your door.

Here’s one of those band’s that was, at one point, fetching upwards of $1200 for a CDr copy of their original '92 indie release. Thanks to Demon Doll Records, now we have a quality silver pressed official release remastered from the master tapes, and available at a decent price.

These sinners weren't rocking the Sunset Strip bars, as in fact they were from UK, but perfectly learned the lesson of how to cook good, catchy melodic hard rock tunes.
Part Slaughter, part Tigertailz, part Warrant, the band slams the sledgehammer down with tracks like "Midnight Fantasy", "Dead Or Alive", the power ballad "Once In a Lifetime" and the sure to have been radio favorite "Sinners Boulevard".
A few listens to this album will have everyone lighting up a pack of smokes and hitting the liquor store for the that sweet bottle of Jack Daniels.

SINFUL KIXX - Midnight Fantasy [Remastered] (2017) back

Sounding pretty American but with that special British melodic touch - check the melodic hard rock oriented "Inside of Me" - Sinful Kixx shows solid musicianship and a bunch of very catchy songs.
If you love your glammy melodic hard rock with some attitude and a whole lot of catchiness, "Midnight Fantasy" will delight your ears for sure.
Highly Recommended

01 - Midnight Fantasy
02 - Dead Or Alive
03 - Sinners Boulevard
04 - Watcha Gonna Do
05 - Alright All Night
06 - Breakin' Out
07 - Only Child
08 - Shootin' You Down
09 - Askin' Myself Why
10 - Too Much Fame

Vocals – DD Foxx
Guitars – Ian Michael
Drums – Gary Hunt
Bass – AJ



BACK ALLEY SALLY - Back Alley Sally [remastered] (2017)

BACK ALLEY SALLY - Back Alley Sally [remastered] (2017) full
HERE Only for 24hs

After more than 20 years, BACK ALLEY SALLY finally got digitally remastered their one and only self-titled rockin' album, originally released in a time when this type of music was almost profane.

Back in 1995, vocalist Mark Stone, guitarist Michael Sexton and drummer Martin Gaboury didn't care about the depressive rock sounds ruling the airwaves. Their motto was dirty, Sunset Strip fun hard rock like it used to be in L.A. circa 1988, and founded Back Alley Sally in 1993.
The boys certainly brought some serious piss and vinegar to the gritty streets Hollywood, and managed to get a strong fan base faithful to the fun rock n' roll days.

Mixing classic bluesy hard rock riffs with the swagger of bands such as Salty Dog, Rock City Angels, Junkyard and a bit of Motley Crue, Back Alley Sally recorded their self-titled debut in 1995, released via the small label Big Bang Records.
Kick ass rockers like “Candy Cane”, “Gone for Good”, the riff monster “Dreamer”, “Cocaine” or "Walking Down The Road" could have been hits some years before. And they save room for a bluesy ballad, “Ain’t the Same”.

BACK ALLEY SALLY - Back Alley Sally [remastered] (2017) back

Get the neighbors ready, lock the doors, and let it rip... Back Alley Sally are once again reeking the havoc this release did more than 20 years ago.
Digitally and fully remastered, the sound is darn good.

01 - Walking Down the Road
02 - Changing Me
03 - Woman for Me
04 - Candy Can
05 - Things Are Gonna Change
06 - Number One
07 - Gone for Good
08 - Waste My Time
09 - Dreamer
10 - No Love
11 - Ain't the Same
12 - Don't Kill Yourself
13 - Cocaine

Mark Stone: vocals
Michael Sexton: lead guitar
Mike Thomas: rhythm guitar
Cory Dom: bass
Martin Gaboury: drums



LIXX ARRAY - Reality Playground [remastered] (2016)

LIXX ARRAY - Reality Playground [remastered] (2016) full
HERE Only for 24hs

With the original indie edition fetching over $200 on auction sites, it was time for a reissue of LIXX ARRAY’s "Reality Playground" to be reissued, and digitally remastered.
Demon Doll and Metal Legacy Records have teamed up with founder and guitarist Blake Hastings to finally unleash the 1992 debut album that, if released three years before, would have taken the world by storm.

In 1992, Lixx Array was the talk of the town, sold out shows at The Roxy, The Whiskey and The Troubadour headlined the music press, celebrity sightings at their shows was the norm (appearances by Hollywood celebrities such as Mick Jagger, Alan Thicke, Sam Kinison, Kristy Swanson and Michael Anthony of Van Halen were frequent occurrences).
The owned their home turf of Orange County, CA and their record was practically made out of gold as "Reality Playground" proved to be the best independent melodic hard rock release in the area.

With songs like “Bad Man”, “Inside Of Me” and the catchy Warrant-like “Table For Two”, there was no wonder they were one of the hottest acts in Hollywood. Lixx Array was one of a few bands in the U.S. to be added to the play-lists of top "P1" radio stations, which are typically dominated by the major labels.
Over 50 rock stations nationwide had them in regular rotation with several singles appearing on regional top ten lists. The boys also graced the pages of the Los Angeles Times, BAM and Metal Edge as well as scoring four songs in the movie "Animal Instincts".

LIXX ARRAY - Reality Playground [remastered] (2016) back

Now many years later, the record is back and stronger than ever, digitally remastered and repackaged with new artwork.
Despite its indie origin, production is truly professional from the inside out, while Lixx Array’s high quality guitar layered grooves, powerhouse choruses and catchy harmonies made this release a very strong melodic hard rock with a true 1989-91 sound.
Fans of Warrant, Trixter, Steelheart, etc, need to check out this one.
Highly Recommended

01 - Bad Man
02 - Inside of Me
03 - Table For Two
04 - Really Hits Home
05 - Right From the Start
06 - Ready or Not
07 - Thrills Behind the Wheel
08 - Once In a Lifetime
09 - Good Life Groove
10 - Hearts on the Line

Rusty Dades: lead vocals
Blake Hastings: guitars, backing vocals
Rob Swanson: bass, backing vocals
Barry McGill: drums, percussion, backing vocals



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JUNKYARD DRIVE - Sin & Tonic (2017)

JUNKYARD DRIVE - Sin & Tonic (2017) full

Who's said rock n roll is dead? JUNKYARD DRIVE, a new band from Copenhagen, Denmark formed by very young musicians refute that; their terrific debut "Sin & Tonic" released today is killer 10-track CD inspired by the classic, timeless RnR / hard rock sounds.
Welcome to Junkyard Drive, the new Kings of Danish Sleazy Hard Rock.

"Sin & Tonic" saw production and mixing of talented Soren Andersen, widely known from his work with bands such as Mike Tramp, Glenn Hughes or the recent Electric Guitars album featured here on the blog.
He has captured Junkyard Drive's young energy, fire and vitality into this collection with a great vibrancy.

This album is fantastic from start to finish. It is not so much a throwback to ’80s sleazy as it is a reflection of some of the bands doing great work in the early twenty-teens…. Think Crazy Lixx, Hardcore Superstar or King Lizard. But the influences range from Guns N’ Roses to Whitesnake.
“If You Wanna Rock Me” is the perfect lead off track to this album. It tells me everything I need to know about what to expect — dirty, grimy hard rock with some great vocals and solid guitar lines.

“Bone Dry Jessie” is a powerhouse, again with a well-rounded mix of vocal, guitar, and rhythm section involvement. After two tracks, it seems these guys know what they’re doing and what they want to accomplish.
The first single from this album “Drama Queen” really speaks to what the band is all about. Sure, it has elements of old school Guns N’ Roses but also newer elements from Crashdïet or Santa Cruz.
“Natural High” is more early ’80s Whitesnake. It took me a few listens to get into it, but it’s growing on me in a big way. What a wicked intro on “Take It All”, and its chorus rocks greatly.

The cowbell comes out for “B.A.D.”, as does the great riffs and energy. This one is a pretty good party tune with a sing-along chorus: “It’s good to be bad.” Not overly original, but sounds great. The “Danger Zone” shuffle is groovy. These guys know how to write hooks.
“Stone Cold Lady” is another interesting track, offering a mix of both rhythmic plodding and a double time bass drum. The slower tempo does not detract from the intensity of this track. Then arrives the power ballad with “Geordie”, heavy on acoustic guitars and focused on the strong vocals provided by Kris.

JUNKYARD DRIVE - Sin & Tonic (2017) inside

And, just when I expect the final song to be filler, I’m presented with “Slave To Technology” which rocks its ass off. A wicked thumper and perfect way to end an overall fantastic collection on a high note.

On the first run through of "Sin & Tonic", my initial reaction remains the same after several plays. This is a great sleazy hard rock album, keeping the torch in that sub-genre ragingly aflame. Thundering bass lines, thumping drum beat, clean, clear and not overstretched vocals all paired with some wicked soloing work.

This is exactly the kind of album I remember rushing home from school to spin on vinyl. Most of the 10 selections come in at around the four-minute mark, give or take and are dripping sleaze as advertised.
Junkyard Drive is an amazingly talented young bunch, and while still is very early this 2017, I'm sure "Sin & Tonic" will come in as a real contender 'top 10 debut album' lists this year.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 - If You Wanna Rock Me
02 - Bone Dry Jessie
03 - Drama Queen
04 - Natural High
05 - Take It All
06 - B.A.D.
07 - Danger Zone
08 - Stone Cold Lady
09 - Geordie
10 - Slave to Technology

Kris – lead vocals
Birk – lead guitar, back-up vocals
Benjamin – rhythm guitar, back-up vocals
Mikkel – bass
Claus – drums, cowbell



TIM BOWNESS - Lost In The Ghost Light (2017)

TIM BOWNESS - Lost In The Ghost Light (2017) full

Steven Wilson's partner in No-Man, TIM BOWNESS, releases his fourth solo album, "Lost In The Ghost Light" today Feb. 17 through InsideOutMusic. It's a fascinating concept record which follows an aging rock musician both on and backstage by the name of Moonshot, and the songs from his inner musings, thoughts and fears... and believe me, it’s a story worth following.

The CD begins with “Worlds of Yesterday” which as the title suggests tells of the main character’s past, and it begins in a rather subdued manner. This isn’t very surprising, as Bowness is probably best known for his band No-Man with Steven Wilson, which is generally quiet and subdued as well, which matches his vocal style which is very laid back, almost breathy in nature.
But soon the music picks up, and the sounds of classic prog come into the forefront. I hasten to say now though, that although the album in some ways is a love letter to the classic prog of the '70s it is not a rehash, nor derivative, and Tim has his own take on the sound. And the music works very well and will likely please fans of early Genesis or Camel, while still sounding new.

The album picks up a bit with “Kill the Pain That’s Killing You” which has a more raucous beginning and middle section, with some ripping guitar work courtesy of guitarist Bruce Soord (of The Pineapple Thief). It is unlike much else that Bowness has done over the years and is a refreshing shot of energy in the arm of the album.
The rest of the record goes back to a more laid back sound, with the exception of the instrumental section of “You Wanted to be Seen,” which goes full synthesizer prog, and certainly the highlight of the album. And the playing is outstanding throughout that section as well as the album as a whole.

Exceptional playing is neither surprising nor an accident when you realize the team of people that Bowness has brought on board to make his vision a reality.
It’s a powerhouse of prog legends, both from the classic days, and also the modern. From the classic era Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) plays one of his signature fiery flute solos on the closing track “Distant Summers,” and Bowness brings in Kit Watkins of Camel fame to provide some of the wonderful keyboard work.
From the modern age, along with the aforementioned Bruce Soord, bassist extraordinaire Colin Edwin of Porcupine Tree provides both subtle and thunderous work throughout. And to round it off, Tim’s no-man partner Steven Wilson provides us with another crystal clear, and perfectly balanced mix, and mastering job.

TIM BOWNESS - Lost In The Ghost Light (2017) back

"Lost In The Ghost Light" is a love letter to the music and inspirations of Tim Bowness’s youth, while remaining an original and well written concept album.
It is also a tightly performed piece of work that will appeal to fans of classic prog rock, and his fans as well, or someone looking for a more laid back, old school sounding prog record.
An album of immense ambition, the scope of which is matched only by the virtuosity of its songwriting and musical performances.
Highly Recommended

1 - Worlds of Yesterday
2 - Moonshot Manchild
3 - Kill the Pain That's Killing You
4 - Nowhere Good to Go
5 - You'll Be the Silence
6 - Lost in the Ghost Light
7 - You Wanted to Be Seen
8 - Distant Summers

Mixed & mastered by Steven Wilson
Tim Bowness - vocals, keyboards, guitar, programming
Stephen Bennett (Henry Fool) - keyboards, programming
Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree) - fretless bass, double bass
Bruce Soord (The Pineapple Thief) - guitar
Hux Nettermalm (Paatos) - drums
Andrew Booker (Sanguine Hum) - drums
Andrew Keeling - string quartet and flute arrangements
Kit Watkins (Happy The Man / Camel)
Steve Bingham (No-Man)
Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull)



Thursday, February 16, 2017

CLIMB - Back In Action Again [digitally remastered] (2017)

CLIMB - Back In Action Again [digitally remastered] (2017) full

We already featured on the blog few month ago (here) one of the rarest and much sought after albums by AOR collectors; CLIMB's 'Take A Chance', digitally remastered by Essential Media Group. Now it's time for "Back In Action Again", their second recording (1990) never officially released and now properly remastered by the same record label.

Climb was founded by drummer and songwriter Warren Cromartie, previously known for his successful baseball career as a rising young star with the Montreal Expos. After ten years in the major leagues, at only 30 years old, Cromartie became the first prominent American player still in his prime to sign with a Japanese baseball team. In Japan, Cromartie became a star winning the coveted MVP award in 1989 and led his team to the Japan Series championship.

But Cromartie also had another passion; music. He is an accomplished drummer who befriended and jammed with the Canadian rock band Rush – Cromartie’s name appears on the back cover of Rush’s 1982 album Signals and he is also thanked in the liner notes.
While in Japan, 'Cro' formed an AOR band with Austrian-born lead vocalist Joe Hamilton. In 1988, the group, baptized Climb, put out its self-titled limited edition album that was released in Japan only.

The album received rave reviews in Japan and Warren slowly began work on a second record that was completed in 1990, but until now, never officially released.

Titled "Back In Action Again", is a more tightly focused album featuring new lead singer Pete Hewlett and a core band that once again included the legendary Detroit session player and producer Bruce Nazarian who also co-produce, Mark Rivera on horns and Eddie Martinez on guitar.

The album features five Cromartie originals plus tunes from Gamble & Huff, Bernie Taupin, Michael Bolton, Stephen Dorff and other well known AOR songwriters.
Musically, some tracks are poppy oriented, but what's of our interest are such gems like 'Whatever It Is' or 'For the Love of Money', numbers with all that late '80s AOR magic we all love.

After nearly thirty years, this fine album is finally available to the public, newly remastered. Besides his illustrious baseball career, Warren “Cro” Cromartie now has a body of work as a musician that he can indeed be proud of.
Highly Recommended

01 - Back in Action Again
02 - Focus
03 - Climb on Up
04 - They Say
05 - Expressway to Your Heart
06 - K.D.D.
07 - Lonely in Each Other's Arms
08 - Whatever It Is
09 - Hold Back the Night
10 - For the Love of Money

Pete Hewlett - lead vocals
Bruce Nazarian - guitar, bass, keyboards, synths
Mark Rivera - horns
Eddie Martinez - guitar
Warren Cromartie - drums, backing vocals
Produced by W. Cromartie & B. Nazarian



GREGG ROLIE - Gringo [AOR Heaven Classix digitally remastered] Out Of Print

GREGG ROLIE - Gringo [AOR Heaven Classix digitally remastered] Out Of Print - full

After playing together in the Santana band, GREGG ROLIE & Neal Schon founded Journey in 1974, with Rolie taking the lead singer and keyboardist slots. When Steve Perry was chosen as new vocalist, he lost prominence. Unhappy with his role, Rolie left the band in 1980.
Gregg Rolie released two solo albums during the '80s, but it’s the second one, “Gringo” (1987), that is regarded as his finest solo moment. Digitally remastered from the master tapes with a pristine sound by AOR Heaven via their 'Classix' series, this is a must for all Eighties AOR fans.

For the production, Rolie he teamed up with two famous knob twiddlers: Richie Zito and David Kershenbaum, and with songwriting contributions by eminences such as Bob Marlette, Martin Page, Peter Beckett, Andre Pessis (Eric Martin, Mr. Big) among others, nothing can go wrong in that department as well.
Add to this the help of an impressive list of musicians, a lot of them known as famous L.A. session players such as Vinnie Colaiuta, Nathan East, Dan Huff, etc.

GREGG ROLIE - Gringo [AOR Heaven Classix digitally remastered] Out Of Print -booklet

Stylistically you can shelf “Gringo” right next to Robert Tepper’s 'No Easy Way Out', Van Stephenson’s 'Suspicious Heart' or The Arrow’s 'The Lines Are Open'.

All tracks are lovely '80s AOR tunes played with class and style, being my favorites “The Hands Of Time”, “Talk Talk” (known from The Arrows), the intimate “I Couldn’t Lie To You” (featuring Dann Huff on guitars) and the excellent “Fire At Night”, on which you can hear Carlos Santana & Neal Schon trading awesome guitar solos.

It isn't the first time that “Gringo” is getting re-released. Labels like Point Music and Wounded Bird brought the album under our attention in respectively 1997 and 2006. Why Point Music retitled the album into 'Hands Of Time' is beyond me, because personally I think that “Gringo” (the nickname Rolie was given by his Santana colleague José Chepito Areas) is a far better title.

GREGG ROLIE - Gringo [AOR Heaven Classix digitally remastered] Out Of Print - back

But this re-issue, remastered version of “Gringo” by AOR Heaven Classix is the one to have. The sound dynamics are excellent. Unfortunately, it's out of print.
HIGHLY Recommended - (This one was requested by one of you, make yours!)

01 - The Hands Of Time
02 - Don't Wanna Be Alone Tonight
03 - Talk Talk
04 - I Couldn't Lie To You
05 - One Of These Days
06 - Too Late, Too Late
07 - Fire At Night
08 - You Make It Hard On Me
09 - I Will Get To You

Gregg Rolie: lead vocals, keyboards, synths
Bob Marlette: keyboards, guitars
Gary Chang, Arthur Barrow: keyboards
Dan Huff: guitar
Neal Schon: guitar
Carlos Santana: guitar
Stef Birnbaum: guitar
Vinnie Colaiuta: drums
Nathan East: bass
Jerry Hey, Charles Loper, Mark Russo: horns
Joe Pizzulo, Maxine Waters, Edie Lehman: backing vocals

Out Of Print


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