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V.A. - 0dayrox Advanced Releases April-May 2018 - Vol.1

BLACK ACES - Shot In The Dark [European CD version +3] (2016) full

New month (and season) coming, and new singles from upcoming released appear.
The first new RAINBOW single since 1996, "Waiting For A Sign", was penned by Ritchie Blackmore and features his band current vocalist Ronnie Romero. The studio track will be included on the band’s upcoming album Memories In Rock II, which will launch on April 6.
The latest incarnation of RAINBOW released two new studio recordings last year, but they weren't original compositions; one was an instrumental song called "Land Of Hope And Glory", which was a reworking of the 1902 British patriotic song of the same name, while the other was a re-recording of the RAINBOW classic "I Surrender", which was written by Russ Ballard and was first released by RAINBOW in 1981.

Due for release on April 20th, this will be one of the surprises of the year: 'All Rise', the debut of PERFECT PLAN with Frontiers Music. Hailing from Örnsköldsvik in the cold northern section of Sweden, Perfect Plan is a new AOR combo founded in late 2014. Since their inception, the guys have had the vision to come up an with exciting musical blend of classic Scandinavian AOR (think Work of Art, Treat, early Europe) with nods to genre legends like Giant, Foreigner, and Journey.
We have second advance "Gone Too Far", a darn good melodic rocker.

British melodic rock wonders VEGA will release their fifth studio album, 'Only Human', on May 11th via Frontiers Music. The band self-produced the record, but teamed up with legendary Canadian musician and producer Harry Hess (Harem Scarem) for the mixing and mastering to bring their fans another gem of a release. Another great single has surfaced, titled "Worth Dying For".

Did you know that AOR heroes WILD ROSE have re-recorded, re-mixed and re-mastered 2018 their debut album Half Past Midnight? We tried to buy the CD, but it was a limited edition 500 copies, sold out in only one week. There's a need for a second batch I guess.
Anyway, we have the re-recorded version of the track "Goodbye (2018 version)", quite different from the original, both in arrangements and production. A great AOR song for sure.

Kick ass hard rockers THE DEAD DAISIES, the star project including vocalist John Corabi, bassist Marco Mendoza, guitarist Doug Aldrich and drummer Deen Castronovo, have released "Rise Up", the second track taken from their upcoming fourth album (‘Burn It Down’). Again, if this track is any indication of the album, then the fourth Daisies platter will be their more rocking one to date.

German melodic hard rock legends BONFIRE presented "Crazy Over You", the first single from the band's new album, "Temple Of Lies", which will be released on April 13 via AFM Records. This is in my humble opinion the best song the band has composed / recorded in many years, adding that AOR touch somehow lost in the last albums.

STRYPER upcoming album, 'God Damn Evil', will be released on April 20 via Frontiers Music. According to frontman Michael Sweet, it is STRYPER's most powerful album to date, doubling down on the hard rock / heavy metal sound that earned the group a worldwide fan base.
The first single already featured on this blog was really heavy, metallic, but this new one just appeared and titled "Sorry" showcase the more melodious side of the band.

Germany’s JADED HEART have released their new single "One World". The track is featured on the band's new album 'Devil's Gift', out on March 30th. The new CD was mixed and mastered by Erik Mårtensson from Eclipse, and on this new single the group take us back to the punchy melodic rock of their origins. Great song.

Former MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP and current CENTURY LOST and STARGAZERY singer JARI TIURA has been busy working on his first solo album, 'King Of Lions'. Due at the end of March 2018 through the German label AOR Heaven, the new advance "You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" is, as the previous ones, surprisingly melodic hard rock oriented - not strange seeing Tiura is signed by AOR Heaven, but quite different from what the singer has been doing lately. It sounds fabulous.

Irish melodic hard rockers MAVERICK releases a new album at the beginning of April, and we have second single "Kiss Of Fire", a hot, catchy melodic hard rocker.
Additionally, new, just relesed singles from upcoming albums by Swiss hard rockers CRYSTAL BALL, JIZZY PEARL (LOVE/HATE), and British legends THUNDER.

Compiled & Selected by the 0dayrox team

01 - Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Waiting for a Sign
02 - Perfect Plan - Gone Too Far
03 - Vega - Worth Dying For
04 - Wild Rose - Goodbye (2018 version)
05 - Bonfire - Crazy Over You
06 - The Dead Daisies - Rise Up
07 - Maverick - Kiss of Fire
08 - Stryper - Sorry
09 - Crystal Ball - S.O.S.
10 - Jaded Heart - One World
11 - Jari Tiura - Away From All The Magic And Wonder
12 - Jizzy Pearl - You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
13 - Thunder - Higher Ground (Live)

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EVERLEVEL - Hardwork (2018) exclusive

EVERLEVEL - Hardwork (2018) full

After four years in the making, Spanish band EVERLEVEL is releasing "Hardwork", their brand new album. These are bunch of experienced musicians that have been working together since the mid-Eighties and under different names.
EverLevel musical style always has been a mix of '80s inspired melodic hard rock tunes with strong AOR melodies all over.

EverLevel put out an indie album in the early Nineties, then they changed the name to La Fase releasing a self-titled CD which gained a solid reputation and reviews back in the day.
After that they continued playing and recording under the name Arka (one album), and EverLevel again (last album from 2014).

After four years of “Hardwork”, we have this new album, plenty of energetic songs full of melody akin early FM / Overland, Journey, etc.
The overall sound and production is a little 'rough around the edges' but that's the style EverLevel wants, according to the band's members.

What I like about EverLevel and the songs in “Hardwork”, is their strong keyboard / synth presence on all tracks. The keys are a substantial element in the music, defining the classic AOR orientation.
You have a song titled "AORland", and that speaks for itself. However, the song (and all into the album) is surrounded by sharp electric guitars providing a muscular attack.

Take a listen above to the single / video "Never Give It Up", and this give to you a hint of what EverLevel is all about.
It's all quite catchy, well arranged and professionally recorded, classy stuff for all Melodic Hard Rock / AOR aficionados out there.
Two thumbs up!

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - AORland
02 - Sister of My Lifetime
03 - Falling in Love
04 - Where Are You Now
05 - Over & Over
06 - Never Give It Up
07 - And Just Fly
08 - Only Dreaming
09 - Kiss My Ass
10 - Now We´re Back
11 - Open Your Eyes
12 - Seventeen
13 - W.a.Y.n. (Bonus Track)

Lead vocals and guitars - Javier G.U.
Keyboards and backing vocals - Jesus H.V.
Bass and backing vocals - Ricky P.M.
Drums and percussion - Rafa A.S.



PETER CRISS - Cat #1 [2018 reissue]

PETER CRISS - Cat #1 [2018 reissue] full

PETER CRISS album "Cat #1" has been finally reissued after a long legal dispute between indie label Tony Nicole Tony Records (who originally released the album) and Gene Simmons / Paul Stanley and ultimately, Criss himself.
The album also features former Kiss bandmate Ace Frehley playing guitar on three tracks, ex-Talas singer Phil Naro, and future Queensryche guitarist Mike Stone.

After being fired from Kiss in the early '80s, Criss released two solo albums and worked into different projects such as Penridge-Criss Alliance (also known as the Criss-Penridge Alliance or just the Alliance) or Balls Of Fire.
Aside from a few subsequent guest appearances on albums from Black ‘N Blue (Tommy Thayer’s old band, another Kiss connection), King Kobra, and Ace Frehley, Criss’ solo career was dormant until 1989.

That year he made what might be his most unexpected musical connection to date when he hooked up with former Kiss lead guitarist Mark St. John. The pair formed a new band called The Keep, along with one-time Black Sabbath vocalist David Donato and St. John’s brother Michael Norton on bass.
In essence, this was really the second version of St. John’s prior band White Tiger, but with Criss replacing drummer Brian James Fox. The Keep recorded a demo tape and shopped it to record labels with no success.

He later assembled the Criss Band, which included Mike Stone (who would later end up in Queensryche) and Canadian singer Phil Naro as co-writer.
Criss made its live debut in November 1991, and began to tour more widely in 1992. In July 1993, they entered the studio to record a self-titled, five-song EP released that December by a tiny, short-lived independent label called Tony Nicole Tony Records.
It was the first officially released Peter Criss solo material since Let Me Rock You more than a decade earlier.

In August 1994, this full-length LP followed, called "Cat #1". The album is centered on mid-tempo hard rock songs, with a few typical Criss ballads thrown in for good measure.
Opener 'Bad Attitude' has a certain Kiss feeling, accentuated by Ace Frehley's guest guitar solo, the slower 'The Truth' bring to mind some Ted Nugent material, while the fun rocker 'Bad People Burn In Hell' (co-written by Naro) recalls Criss' early solo albums.

PETER CRISS - Cat #1 [2018 reissue] photo

'Blue Moon Over Brooklyn' is perhaps the best song on the album, a heartfelt midtempo ballad including acoustic guitars into the mix written for Peter’s mom who had passed away recently. This is the other co-written song by Naro, a tune with a timeless classic rock feel and featuring another fine Frehley solo.
Mike Stone sings lead vocals on the good hard rocker 'Show Me' yet with mixed results, then 'Good Times' is nice acoustic based song with that typical Peter Criss raspy vocals.

Criss also re-recorded his biggest hit (and Kiss overall) 'Beth'. But this time he opted for an unplugged version of it, a wise choice because this environment provides a refreshing take on this classic.
As bonus tracks there's the two tracks exclusive to the previous limited edition EP, which by the way, was originally only available by mail order and Tony Nicole Tony Records faced a lot trouble to distribute.

01 - Bad Attitude
02 - Walk The Line
03 - The Truth
04 - Bad People Burn In Hell
05 - Show Me
06 - Good Times
07 - Strike
08 - Blue Moon Over Brooklyn
09 - Down With The Sun
10 - We Want You
11 - Beth
12 - The Cat [bonus track]
13 - What You're Doin' [bonus track]

Peter Criss – lead vocals, drums, percussion
Mark Montague – bass guitar, backing vocals
Mike Stone – rhythm guitar
Mike McLaughlin – lead guitar
guest musicians:
Ace Frehley – lead guitar on 1, 2, 8
Wayne Johnsen – acoustic guitar on 11
Kirk Miller – guitar
Dito Godwin – piano on 8, 12, backing vocals
Stephen Presley – keyboards
Ed Kanon – cymbals



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220 VOLT - Walking In Starlight [re-release +2] (2018)

220 VOLT - Walking In Starlight [re-release +2] (2018) full

Originally released via AOR Heaven Records some time ago, "Walking In Starlight" is 220 VOLT comeback album after 13 years of studio silence. Now the band has a new label, and are re-releasing the album 2018 plus a previously unreleased track and a new song (from the upcoming album) featuring new vocalist Göran Nyström.

I still remember clearly in the very early '80s, I was in my school time when I have just discovered the Scandinavian metal / hard rock movement with illustrious bands such as 220 VOLT, Pretty Maids, Fate, TNT and later Europe or Treat and obviously the mighty Yngwie's Rising Force.
Since the beginning I was hooked by this sound, their unique and incomparable melodic styling was a revelation, this Nordic wave was everything to me as a young Headbanger it quite rapidly changed my life forever…

On "Walking In Starlight" the band play superbly and their Swedish singularity is still prominent and addictive. Even more; their versatility is exacerbated, and it’s really impressive how they manage to preserve their melodic personality even while switching from Classic Hard Rock to modernized Melodic Metal (like the epic 'Through The Wastelands') with a great constancy in an obvious finesse.

The title track and album opener is a real burning slice of Scandinavian Melodic Hard Rock with a fierce attitude and a superb construction in a highly bombastic method, at the same time majestic and attractive, something like House Of Lords meets Rainbow, yep believe me, it’s this kind of noble anthemic song.
'Get Me Out' or 'Blind' contains a serious dose of convincing riffage under a contemporary rumbling mania, indeed not far from Lions Share style, while the energetic 'System Overload' sounds like the best of Europe‘s equivalence in their mid '90’s Prisoners In Paradise era.

Perhaps with 'Alive' they add to this recipe a slight Saxon overtone, still magnificent on the softer side: 'Stranded', 'One Good Reason' or 'Take A Good Look' are pure classic hard rock with a Whitesnake / Thunder feeling.
The reminiscence of the old 220 Volt AOR colors are founded in the title 'Burning Heart' and also in the chorus of the keyboard driven 'Broken Promises' even if the band provides a darkest tint to this cut.
The orchestrated number 'Guiding Light' with it’s amazing string quartet arrangement is once again in obvious concordance with Tempest & Co. in their most acoustic moments.

This reissue includes two bonus tracks; one is the strangely sub-titled 'The Harder They Come (2013 rehearsal version)'. I mean, this is a re-recording of the band's 1988 track appeared into their killer album 'Eye To Eye', but not a 'rehearsal version' at all. It's fully produced, and a great melodic hard rock tune.
The other bonus is the new song 'Fair Enough', recorded with the new vocalist and a taste from the upcoming album in the making.

With "Walking In Starlight" 220 VOLT returned with another great album.
All the lights are set on green to predict a triumph, all the ingredients are improved in their best perfection, they even succeed in outmatching themselves and their glorious past by reaching an unexpected level of excellency under an hyper catchy songwriting method.

The main feature of "Walking In The Starlight" is the surprising variety of styles the band draws from, be it melodic hard rock similar to their early efforts, contemporary straight-in-your-face hard rock or some light shades of blues.
Absolutely Recommended

01 - Walking In Starlight
02 - System Overload
03 - Broken Promises
04 - Alive
05 - Blind
06 - Stranded
07 - Get Me Out
08 - The Waiting
09 - Through The Wastelands
10 - Burning Heart
11 - Take A Good Look
12 - One Good Reason
13 - Guiding Light
14 - The Harder They Come (2013 rehearsal version)
15 - Fair Enough (new song)

Thomas Drevin (guitar)
Mats Karlsson (guitar)
Peter Hermansson (drums)
Mats Vassfjord (bass)
Anders Engberg (vocals)
Göran Nyström (vocals on new track)



DEMON - Heart Of Our Time [remastered +2]

DEMON - Heart Of Our Time [remastered +2] full

Founded at the end of the seventies, DEMON growth from being just another NWOBHM act into one of the most musically interesting and socially aware rock bands of their age.
After four successful albums blending metal with progressive overtones, guitarist & composer Mal Spooner - one of the creative forces of the band - sadly passed away.

Demon decided to continue as a band, and their album "Heart Of Our Time" featured singer Dave Hill now forging a new songwriting partnership with keysman Steve Watts, and guitarist Andy Waterhouse suddenly founding himself as main six-string axeman.
This is a great '80s album, deservedly remastered plus 2 bonus tracks.

Musically, "Heart Of Our Time" shows a band going through changes and exploring new territories: the uprising UK Melodic Hard Rock / AOR movement from the mid-Eighties.
Definitely the most commercial album of all their catalogue and my favorite from this group.

Some tracks still retain the slightly progressive sounds from the previous works, but the overall approach is decidedly '80s, as heard on the radio friendly AOR of title track "Heart Of Our Time" to the beautiful heartfelt ballad "Expressing The Heart".
"In Your Own Light" is a catchy midtempo melodic rocker with 'that' drum sound and uplifting lyrics about helping others no matter what their race or class.

"Genius" is a brilliant proggy AOR tune with a dry bass line driving the song in a very modern way for Demon's standards, while "Expressing The Heart" is a real stand out track, a slow and powerful song where Dave Hill display some vocal gymnastics that is spine tingling to hear.

DEMON - Heart Of Our Time [remastered +2] back

"Heart Of Our Time" is a hidden little gem from the mid-'80s UK scene, definitely Melodic Rock oriented but with that 'strong vibe' heard, as example, in the initial Phenomena project.
Re-released by a British label with a couple of bonus tracks, "Heart Of Our Time" sounds better than ever.
Highly Recommended

01 - Heart of Our Time
02 - In Your Own Light
03 - Genius
04 - Expressing The Heart
05 - High Climber
06 - Crossfire
07 - Grown Up
08 - Summit
09 - One Small Step
10 - Hyperactive
11 - Dance of Life

Dave Hill - Vocals, Effects
Steve Watts - Synths, Keyboards
John Waterhouse - Guitars
Gavin Sutherland - Bass
John Wright - Drums, Percussion



BOB SEGER - Ultimate Hits; Rock And Roll Never Forgets (Remastered 2-CD)

BOB SEGER - Ultimate Hits; Rock And Roll Never Forgets (Remastered 2-CD) full

This baby was requested here as it has become pretty hard to find: Classic Rock's legend BOB SEGER "Ultimate Hits: Rock and Roll Never Forgets", a career-spanning 2 CD set running the length of his full music career, featuring completely new remasters of each song, all from the original master tapes.

The best part of a compilation that takes the best pieces of an artist’s career is the opportunity to remember why a particular artist stayed around and popular for so long.
For more than 40 years, the songs of Bob Seger have resonated in a songwriter's style with a sound Seger keeps individualistic. His attention to the details make his songs stand up above simple chord progressions.

For those listeners who may have only heard the super popular hits, "Ultimate Hits: Rock and Roll Never Forgets" introduces songs like "Fire Lake" and his first-ever single "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man" shows up here for the first time on CD, finally bringing something from the Bob Seger System days to the digital era.
More stories that stay timeless while transporting the listener to different places in time through effective use of imagery. "Like A Rock" may pull listeners into a Chevy commercial, while tracks like "Her Strut" may show the inspiration Seger took from artists like ZZ Top.
Even "Still the Same" recalls a Led Zeppelin feel in its theme and presentation.

The rockers like "The Fire Down Below" and the title track sound terrific, the ballads like "We've Got Tonight" and "Against the Wind" sound as fine as always, and of course you can't begrudge the absolute classics: "Night Moves", "Mainstreet", "Turn the Page" and his biggest-charting song; the 80's mainstream "Shakedown".
We also have two previously unreleased tracks: a middle-of-the-road ride on Tom Waits' "Downtown Train" and a far more fun romp through the Little Richard classic "Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey (Going Back to Birmingham)".

BOB SEGER - Ultimate Hits; Rock And Roll Never Forgets (Remastered 2-CD) - back

"Ultimate Hits: Rock and Roll Never Forgets" adequately comprises Seger's career, one of the biggest icons of the Classic Rock genre.
What is perhaps most striking about this set, though - and this speaks more to Seger's indelible impact on American music than it does anything else - is that at 26 tracks it still doesn’t cover all the hits.

Young listeners who heard Bob Seger because of Metallica's cover of "Turn the Page" should dive into this compilation to uncover the nuggets of truth that may have been missed.
For the Classic Rock fans, here's a way to finally get remastered material plus some rare tracks in one convenient place, surrounded by some of Seger's very best music.
Solid 'like a rock' retrospective.

Disc One:
01. Old Time Rock And Roll
02. Hollywood Nights
03. Night Moves
04. Mainstreet
05. Roll Me Away
06. Turn The Page
07. Her Strut
08. Still The Same
09. You'll Accomp'ny Me
10. We've Got Tonight
11. Like A Rock
12. Fire Lake
13. Tryin' To Live My Life Without You

Disc Two:
01. Rock And Roll Never Forgets
02. Against The Wind
03. Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
04. The Fire Down Below
05. Travelin' Man (Live)
06. Beautiful Loser (Live)
07. Shakedown
08. Shame On The Moon
09. Katmandu
10. Little Drummer Boy
11. Wait For Me
Previously Unreleased:
12. Hey Hey Hey Hey (Going Back To Birmingham)
13. Downtown Train



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38 SPECIAL - Tour De Force [Japan Ltd. mini LP / SHM-CD remastered] (2018)

38 SPECIAL - Tour De Force [Japan Ltd. mini LP / SHM-CD remastered] (2018) full

Yeah, Japan did it again: all the best 38 SPECIAL albums finally have been remastered, a 2017 fresh treatment using the original US analog master tapes and pressed on high quality SHM-CD. It's all done in wonderful cardboard sleeve mini LP replica, which also faithfully replicates the OBI design of the Japanese first pressing LP.
And we start with one of my favorites; the killer "Tour De Force".

38 SPECIAL heart & soul is southern rock for sure, but circa 1984 they had to update their sound... the result, one of the greatest bluesy-infused AOR / melodic rock albums from the '80s: "Tour De Force".
Propelled by the effortless blend of melody and power stirred up by Donnie Van Zant, vocalist/guitarist Don Barnes, guitarist Jeff Carlisi, bassist Larry Junstrom, and drummers Steve Brookins and Jack Grondin, "Tour De Force" is loaded with irresistible hooks.

The hit single, "If I'd Been the One," is a stunner steeped in passionate vocals and simple but highly effective rhythm and lead guitar parts. The single was #1 in Mainstream Rock chart.
"Back Where You Belong", which was also a hit, is more of a straightforward AOR song. It reached the # 20 in the Billboard Hot 100, injecting the mainstream charts with a shot of much-needed grit.

"One Time for Old Times" is slower, midtempo and with lots of class, then "See Me In Your Eyes" has another fine AORish melody and great guitar work.
"I Oughta Let Go" add some acoustics, and the stylish "Undercover Lover" is a sly, laid-back AOR rocker with that classic '80s atmosphere. But the undiscovered gem here is "Twentieth Century Fox", a fantastic southern rocker with great guitar grooves, strong vocals and clever lyrics.

38 SPECIAL - Tour De Force [Japan Ltd. mini LP / SHM-CD remastered] (2018) back

38 SPECIAL is a darn great group of fantastic musicians, and for many critics and fans "Tour De Force" is their finest hour, showing the band's skills at their peak.
Great songs, contagious riffs and choruses, and an overall mid-Eighties feel both in sound and production.

38 SPECIAL music isn't easy to remaster even with modern technology, because the band's harmonics are absolutely 'analog' and the digital treatment may destroy part of the charm.
This fresh 2017 remaster on SHM-CD is fabulous.

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

Universal Japan UICY-78569 【LTD SHM-CD】

01 - If I'd Been The One
02 - Back Where You Belong
03 - One Time For Old Times
04 - See Me In Your Eyes
05 - Twentieth Century Fox
06 - Long Distance Affair
07 - I Oughta Let Go
08 - One Of The Lonely Ones
09 - Undercover Lover

Donnie Van Zant - vocals
Don Barnes - vocals, guitars
Jeff Carlisi - guitars
Larry Junstrom - bass
Jack Grondin, Steve Brookins - drums



ZENO - Zeno [Japan Edition Remastered +5]

ZENO - Zeno [Japan Edition Remastered +5] full

This is a very special post here; musician Zeno Roth, younger brother of Scorpions founder Uli Jon Roth, passed away at age 61 few weeks ago after battling years of illness. His band, ZENO, released a bunch of wonderful albums between the Eighties / Nineties, and this is our homage here with his most celebrated LP - and for us one the best '80s albums in general - debut "Zeno" in its Japanese remastered reissue plus 5 bonus tracks.

Indeed, for me, "Zeno" is one of the most impressive debuts from the '80s. It has it all: AOR melodies, Melodic Rock catchiness, and Hard Rock punch. Think Boston, Queen and Scorpions rolled into one, but Zeno had his own, unique identity and sound.
Although "Zeno" was not a hit LP by any means, the album’s back story reveals that the music industry expected great things from Zeno Roth. Zeno were the subject of a bidding war among labels, and in the end Zeno wound up receiving one of the biggest contracts ever for a brand new band.

But the story gets convoluted, with Zeno taking longer than expected to record and going over budget in the process. Well, it paid its dividends, believe me.

ZENO - Zeno [Japan Edition Remastered +5] disc

The production on "Zeno" is pin-perfect. It’s obvious that meticulous attention was paid to capturing a full, rich sound on this record (more than likely the reason Zeno was over-budget).
Roth’s guitar work is exceptional, and his compositions seem to mirror his own reputation as a spiritual and philosophical guy. The vocals are done by Michael Flexig, a man who sings in an impossibly high register and has the pipes to give credence to these celestial and uber-melodic pieces.

The original "Zeno" album consists of ten proper songs - and one brief, incredibly good instrumental titled 'Sunset'. All tracks are excellent, different, unique, exceptional.
'Emergency' is pure '80s AOR with its fantastic choruses, then exquisite cuts like 'Heart On The Wing', 'A Little More Love' (penned by bassist U. Winsomie Ritgen), the dreamy 'Don't tell the Wind' and 'Circles Of Dawn' always bring a cheerful smile to my otherwise hideously ugly mug.
As bonus, we have the non-album track 'Don't count me Out' and early versions from some of the best songs of the album.

ZENO - Zeno [Japan Edition Remastered +5] back

Uplifting melodic hard rock is the motto in "Zeno" with emphasis on spirituality and pictorial lyrical themes which more than establishes the potential of the three basic members.
For that matter you can expect super melodic guitar leads and stylish chords, Ritgen's trademark bass playing and Flexing's immense choruses; still as a sign of times, Michael sings incredibly high on the majority of the album therefore not making full use of his incredible range (which he uncovers on the follow up Zeno albums).

This is a little masterpiece of an album that after all these years still visits my CD player regularly. R.I.P. Zeno Roth, and thanks for your incredible music.

01 - Eastern sun
02 - A little more love
03 - Love will live
04 - Signs on the sky
05 - Far away
06 - Emergency
07 - Don't tell the wind
08 - Heart on the wing
09 - Circles of dawn
10 - Sent by Heaven
11 - Sunset
BONUS TRACKS (the making of 'Zeno'):
12 - Don't count me out
13 - Signs on the sky [Earlier version]
14 - Far away [Earlier version]
15 - Don't tell the wind [Earlier version]
16 - Love will live [Earlier version]

Michael Flexig - vocals, backing vocals
Zeno Roth - guitar, backing vocals
Ule Winsomie Ritgen - bass, backing vocals
Don Airey - keyboards
Carl Marsh - synths, keyboards
Chuck Burgi, Rudy Kae - drums
Stuart Elliott - percussion, drums
Chris Thompson, Martin Jay, John Quist, David Austin - backing vocals

Out Of Print:


EYES (Jeff Scott Soto) - 24U [2-CD Set] Out Of Print

EYES (Jeff Scott Soto) - 24U [2-CD Set] Out Of Print - full

After the new W.E.T. album and the band's featured discography here, one of you requested more Jeff Scott Soto material, particularly the band EYES he was involved with. This American hard rock outfit released two stupendous albums at the beginning of the '90s that simply didn't get the attention it so rightly deserved the first time around.
This 2-CD set titled "24U" (Two For You) includes EYES two official albums plus unreleased / rare tracks, and it's a must have in tour collection.

Originally formed in the mid-Eighites under the band name L.A. Rocks (several demos were taped) in its first attempt featured Kelly Hansen on lead vocals, guitarist Steve Dougherty (ex- Burning Rome, Berlin), bassist Chuck Wright (ex- Giuffria) and drummer Aldy Damian. Hansen took off for the band Hurricane and Chuck Wright to Quiet Riot and House Of Lords.
Enter new bassist Jimmy O'Shea (ex-Cacophony) and powerhouse vocalist Jeff Scott Soto (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen) and a brand new monicker in EYES, circa 1989.

Main songwriter Dougherty selected the best songs and with this line-up recorded EYES self titled debut, released in 1990.
The album is full of awesome Melodic Hard Rock songs with that polished early Nineties sound production, commercial and catchy tunes plenty of hooks.
The vibe is similar to Winger's second album, Kiss (especially the song 'Can't Get Enough'), and even Def Leppard ('Wired 4 Love'). Also, you can find a great version of Dianne Warren's 'Don't Turn Around', also recorded by various artists and bands.

Second album Windows Of The Soul was finally released in 1994 but recorded a couple years before. If follows the same style / sound from debut, perhaps a bit more punchy.
Songs like 'Cheyenne' and 'Nobody Said it Was Easy' should be considered Melodic Hard Rock classics of all time, and for sure, among Jeff Scott Soto finest moments.

EYES (Jeff Scott Soto) - 24U [2-CD Set] Out Of Print -back

EYES "24U" is terrific 2CD Set including the band's full two albums plus bonus songs that never made it into the final track-list but rocks anyway. This is a fantastic band quite unknown for many Jeff Scott Soto fans.
Production is brilliant, where the backing vocals are huge emulating Def Leppard's technique of layered harmonies. Spencer Proffer (King Kobra, Quiet Riot) co-produced, making Soto to record overdubs of the backing vocals up to 10 times per harmony, then the rest of the band to have the different frequencies, to finally mix all together resulting in a BIG set of choruses.
KILLER stuff

01 - Callin' All Girls
02 - Every Single Minute
03 - Don't Turn Around
04 - Miss Demeanor
05 - Young And Innocent
06 - Walkin' Fire
07 - Wired 4 Love
08 - Nobody Said It Was Easy
09 - Can't Get Enough
10 - Start Livin'
11 - Somebody To Love
12 - Japan Introduction (1990)
13 - Erotic Riot (Unreleased Demo)
14 - Monkey Business (Unreleased Demo)
15 - Save My Life (Unreleased Demo)

01 - Cheyenne
02 - City Nights
03 - Love Is Alive
04 - Way Back Home
05 - Living On The Edge
06 - Love Lies
07 - Don't Turn Around
08 - Walking Fire
09 - Nobody Said It Was Easy
10 - It's All Over
11 - Nobody Said It Was Easy (Demo)
12 - Start Livin' (Demo)
13 - 13 For You (Unreleased Demo)
14 - You Better Stop (Unreleased Demo)

Jeff Scott Soto - lead and backing vocals
Steve Dougherty - guitars, backing vocals
Jimmy O'Shea - bass, backing vocals
Aldy Damian - drums, backing vocals

Out Of Print


Saturday, March 17, 2018

PAUL SABU - Heartbreak [remastered +3]

PAUL SABU - Heartbreak [remastered +3] mp3 download

PAUL SABU is some kind of Melodic Hard Rock legend and doesn't needs introduction.
Just in case you have forgotten; Sabu has produced, mixed, written songs and performed with such artists as Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Little Caesar, Lee Aaron, Shania Twain, John Waite, WASP, Nelson and even Madonna.
Prolific is as well his work for Hollywood movies appearing in countless credits. The man has massive amounts of talent, to say the least.

Paul Sabu also has shined as solo artist and with his own projects Kidd Glove and Only Child. Precisely before he founded OC, Paul debuted under his own name with “Heartbreak”, the killer album from 1985 (Sabu released a vinyl-only EP in the early '80s through a small label).

Classic Rock magazine awarded Paul Sabu for “Heartbreak” being the highest rated AOR album of all time and the fans of Kerrang! magazine voted Paul Sabu their second favorite AOR vocalist ever.
Paul mentions: “I think 'Heartbreak' is one of my best albums, but I was not happy with the sound.”

Now Paul Sabu has digitally remastered himself this classic album, being released through his association with British label Z Records.
“Heartbreak +3” not only now sounds fat and glossy, it also includes 3 bonus tracks to enjoy. There was a reissue in 2006 but not remastered and not featuring these bonuses.
This is a must have in your collection, plenty of Melodic Rock / AOR gems and anthemic Hard Rockers.
A Must Have Classic

01 - Angeline
02 - Call Of The Wind
03 - Shake, Rattle, Roll
04 - Just For The Moment
05 - Hot Flash
06 - Heartbreak
07 - Still Alive
08 - Breakin' Out
09 - Tuff Stuff
10 - New Girl In Town
11 - Maybe A Lifetime (Bonus Track)
12 - Countdown To Love (Bonus Track)
13 - Dogs In The Night (Bonus Track)

Paul Sabu: lead and backing vocals, guitars
Dan Ellis: keyboards, backing vocals
Rick Bozzo: bass, backing vocals
Charlie Esposito: drums, backing vocals



ROCKARMA - Bring It! [Japanese Edition +1]

ROCKARMA - Bring It! [Japanese Edition +1] full

This is another request, Canadian rockers ROCKARMA second album "Bring It!", in its Japanese Edition (not easy to find) featuring different artwork and an exclusive bonus track.

Do yo like Firehouse? Slaughter? early Harem Scarem? Danger Danger?
Then you'll love Rockarma's "Bring It!". Nothin' more to say, really.
This album appeared ten years ago takes us back to the good ole days when this sort of music was blasting from every car stereo.

Rockarma is a fantastic band; flashy guitar playing, great vocals, catchy as hell songs but so loaded with superb hooks. The songwriting of these guys is spectacular, straight from the 1986-89 book.

ROCKARMA - Bring It! [Japanese Edition +1] back

The energy is blasting out of the speakers on every song. I don't dare to pick out a single song as I really like 'em all.
One of the best '80s inspired hair / glammy melodic hard rock albums of the new Millenium.
HIGHLY Recommended

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - Bad June
02 - Between You And Me
03 - All For You
04 - Get Me Outta This Hole
05 - I Know
06 - Missing You
07 - Bring It!
08 - Here After
09 - Feels Like I'm Falling
10 - Let's Go
11 - That's All
12 - Same Ol Song
13 - Tell Me Why (Japan bonus track)

Damon Kelly - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Pete Fry - lead guitar
Jeff Kahn - bass, vocals
Chris Ryan - drums, vocals



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