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PAUL DEAN (Loverboy) - Hard Core [remastered reissue] (2017)

PAUL DEAN (Loverboy) - Hard Core [remastered reissue] (2017) full

Great news: LOVERBOY's creative force / guitarist PAUL DEAN debut solo album "Hard Core", originally released in 1989 on Columbia Records, is now available for the first time digitally on all major outlets. The album has been remastered by Dean himself, and the release is just a prelude for PAUL DEAN's long-awaited new material which he has been working on, promising an ongoing series of single releases described as "poppy catchy melodic rock tunes, a couple of ballads, and some 'balls to the wall' rocking stuff".

"Hard Core" spotlights Dean's fiercely distinctive guitar work on a series of songs that rock hard and show off classic influences, ranging from sharp hard rockers to awesome melodic rock / AOR melodies.
The album's first single, 'Sword & Stone', a mythic tale of King Arthur and Excalibur written by PAUL STANLEY, BRUCE KULICK and DESMOND CHILD, was originally slated for KISS' Crazy Nights album, and later additionally recorded by the German BONFIRE in 1989 for the film Shocker and accompanying soundtrack.Desmond originally pitched the song to Dean during the New Jersey sessions where Paul co-wrote 'Notorious' with JON BON JOVI and RICHIE SAMBORA, (with additional contributions from MIKE RENO and the late TODD CERNEY), which appeared on LOVERBOYS's Wildside album in 1987.

Another track on the album, 'Under the Gun', features a JON BON JOVI harmonica solo (and backing vocals), which took place while Dean was mixing his album at Vancouver's Little Mountain Sound Studios with BOB ROCK, while BON JOVI were making 'New Jersey' in an adjacent room with producer Bruce Fairbairn.

'Draw the Line', written by BRYAN ADAMS / JIM VALLANCE, was previously recorded by TED NUGENT for his 1984 'Penetrator 'album, with vocals by BRIAN HOWE, who was PAUL RODGERS' replacement as lead singer in BAD COMPANY.
Coincidentally, when Dean went out on tour to promote "Hard Core", his band opened for the same BAD COMPANY, fronted by Howe.

Other tracks include the rocking, self-penned 'Doctor', the raucous fan favorite 'Black Sheep' (killer song, I love this rocker), 'Action' (co-written with LOVERBOY rhythm section, drummer MATT FRENETTE and bassist KENNETH "Spider" SINNAEVE and dedicated to Kenny Shields, who recently passed away) and the very timely 'Politics', which was originally a stab at a well-known Canadian pop singer's hypocritical stance. With a grin, it is still someone Dean still refuses to identify by name.

After "Hard Core", PAUL DEAN went on to record two more "solo" albums, including Machine, released in 1995 by Strawberry Records in Canada, and Blackstone, featuring singer Marc LaFrance, in 1997. Both are strong albums, but this "Hard Core" is far superior because packs that late '80s feel and glossy production.

"Hard Core" was produced by Dean's pal, Chilliwack / Headpins leader Brian 'Too Loud' MacLeod, who died just over three years after its release. MacLeod obtained a fantastic sound, melodic & punchy at the same time. He was a total recording nerd, a pioneer at splicing together different bits from the multi-track.

If you've never listened to PAUL DEAN's "Hard Core", you better take advantage of this welcomed reissue, and if you got a copy, check this refreshed sound, truly awesome if you ask me.
A fabulous late '80s album full of terrific songs / melodies.

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - Sword and Stone
02 - Doctor
03 - Draw the Line
04 - Dirty Fingers
05 - Under the Gun
06 - Action
07 - Down to the Bottom
08 - Black Sheep
09 - Politics

Paul Dean (vocals, guitar, bass, background vocals)
Brian MacLeod (drums, keyboards, key bass, backing vocals)
Matt Frenette (drums on track 6)
Spider Sinnaeve (bass on track 6)
Jon Bon Jovi (harp on track 5)
Dave Steele (background vocals)
Marc LaFrance (background vocals)
Ricky Renouf (background vocals)
Geraldo Dominelli (background vocals)
Vern Wills (background vocals)
Frank Felder (background vocals)
Gregg Sheehan (background vocals)
Rosalind Keene (background vocals)
Nashy Nash (background vocals)



SATIN - A Million To One [Kiss Uncovered] (private release)

SATIN - A Million To One [Kiss Uncovered] (private release) full

After the new album from SATIN posted yesterday, here's a very special treat for fans and collectors: "A Million To One [Kiss Uncovered]", the tribute album recorded by SATIN entirely recorded, engineered, re-arranged and mixed by himself at 'Satin Studio', Oslo, Norway.
The album appeared in 2006 for promotional use, not for sale.

The Satin recordings first started out when he was just playing around one day, out of boredom, as he said. The first thing he recorded was a KISS medley. Friend and muscian Steinar Lindberg told him to put the medley out on the Norwegian Kiss Army Forum, because he thought it was brilliant.
He hesitated for a few weeks, being ridiculously modest about the whole thing, but he finally did it.
It turned out to be a huge success amongst the people on the forum, and this encouraged Satin to do another Kiss song, just to keep the fire burning.

The fans at the the Norwegian Kiss Army Forum asked for more, and Satin recorded "A Million To One" and "I’m A Legend Tonight", and the people were even more impressed.
As the recordings piled up, this "A Million To One [Kiss Uncovered]" took shape.
At the same time, Satin was asked to re-record the Kiss Medley which ended up on the official Tribute release called "Gods Of Thunder - A Norwegian Tribute To Kiss" in 2005.

SATIN - A Million To One [Kiss Uncovered] (private release) back

"A Million To One [Kiss Uncovered]" is a very well produced - above the standard - for an album destined to promotional use. And the good part of it is its uniqueness.
You know, most songs got a new arrangement, according to SATIN's Melodic Rock heart, for example his version of "Creatures Of The Night" sounds like a Desmond Child penned song; "Hard Luck Woman" turned in to piano ballad; while "Goin' Blind" is done with an acoustic mold with an uptempo rhythm.
A collectors item.

0dayrox Exclusive

01 - Easy As It Seems
02 - Nowhere To Run
03 - It's Allright (Ol '45 mix)
04 - Reason To Live
05 - Mr. Speed
06 - Mr. Make Believe
07 - Creatures Of The Night
08 - Shandi
09 - Hard Luck Woman
10 - Goin' Blind
11 - A Million To One
12 - I'm Legend Tonight
13 - Gypsy
14 - Ladies Room
15 - Tears Are Falling
16 - C'mon And Love Me
17 - Hide Your Heart
18 - Kiss Medley
19 - It's Allright (punky version)

Tom Satin - all vocals, instruments

Not for Sale


SATIN - Satin [CD version] (2014)

SATIN - Satin (2014) Norway full

Finally young Norwegian singer / songwriter Tom SATIN had the opportunity to release his debut album simply called "Satin". I have already listened Satin some years ago from his promotional CD covering Kiss songs, and he has been doing other classic tunes as well, like some Bon Jovi best known hits.
Precisely this is how it sounds Satin's first offering; pure '80s Melodic Rock inspired by the New Jersey rockers and the Californian scene.

Satin owns a truly melodious vocal register, sometimes a little raspy on the mellower songs, all sung in perfect English. All these 10 Satin original could have been hits 25 years ago, very well recorded by a competent back up band, produced by Satin himself and mastered at the legendary Sterling Sound in New York by Grammy Award Winning senior mastering-engineer Tom Coyne (U2, Def Leppard, Michael Jackson).

You will love the heavenly keyboard filled AOR / Melodic Rock songs such as the wonderful opener "Fire The Shot" (check the video), the soaring "I Want Us", the extremely catchy "Part Of It" or the harmony-gold midtempo "Life Will Never Slow Down".
Tom is not afraid to harden his sound on the melodic hard rockers "Some People Call It Love", the stomping "Leave It Be" and "I've Been Crazy", which reminds me Freddy Curci's Alias.

A classy late '80s album needs ballads, and we find two quality numbers here: the terrific and beautifully orchestrated "Don't Know The Words" (there's a video in the making), and the intense and emotional "I Don't Need Anybody".

SATIN - Satin (2014) inside

Be aware that the files floating the net are the digital distribution with some glitch on a couple of tracks, this is the pristine CD version.
Don't waste your time; if you're a sucker for true '80s Melodic Rock / AOR both in sound & style, "Satin" is a must have. I love it.
Absolutely Recommended

01 - Fire The Shot
02 - Don't Know The Words
03 - I've Been Crazy
04 - Life Will Never Slow Down
05 - I Want Us
06 - Friends
07 - Some People Call It Love
08 - Leave It Be
09 - Part Of It
10 - I Don't Need Anybody

Tom Satin - vocals, guitars



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SATIN - It's About Time (2017)

SATIN - It's About Time (2017) full

Three years ago we presented here the debut of Norwegian singer, songwriter and producer SATIN, easily the best indie Melodic Rock / AOR album that year. Well, wait to listen to Satin's sophomore effort "It's About Time" to be released next month, November 20th... this is not only the best independent 2017 Melodic Rock / AOR release, but one of the best overall!

Satin grew up listening the '80s classic bands and he fell in love with all Melodic Hard Rock variants forever. Influenced by the likes of Kiss and Bon Jovi, he started to play guitar at the age of nine and performed on a local tv show at the age of eleven.
He continued learning music and playing other instruments. In 2005 after releasing a KISS covers album, he was featured on the ‘Gods Of Thunder - A Norwegian Tribute To KISS’ album.
Since then Satin has been a part of many projects, playing, composing and producing for others, and in 2013 he received a Norwegian Grammy.

His self titled debut album was released in April 2014, ten songs written and produced by Satin which leave us jaw-dropped. Seriously, the quality in all departments of Satin's debut is remarkable.
Well, wait to listen to "It's About Time"... expect the same but augmented 100%!
All completely managed by himself - songwriting, arrangements, instrumentation production - and recorded at Satin's own studio 'Solysma' - this guy has achieved a level of quality rarely seen in any musical genre. And all by himself.

Yeah, "It's About Time" is on par - or even better - with a major label production. Everything sounds pristine, clear, polished... and the best part of all: at the service of 10 awesome Melodic Rock songs with a strong AOR flavor.

The first two a tracks, the superb 'Look Up In The Sky', and the anthemic 'I'll Never Let You Down', worth the admission alone. Darn, Satin is an extremely talented cat, with a knack to compose elegant Melodic Rock songs like the former, and at the same time anthemic AOR diamonds such as the latter, plenty of synths / layers of harmony vocals.
On 'Waiting For Someone' Satin adds a little more muscle to his vocal performance, in a track with some American feel which brings to my mind the first Hardline album.
Only 3 songs, and I'm sold...

And then it comes 'Use It Or Lose It'... '80s AOR is back! That jumpin' verses are from the Stan Bush factory, there's a strong guitar riff and a pumping bass line, but are the synths which provide the aural magic.
But wait, Satin isn't a one trick pony; at the middle the song changes its rhtyhm for a very original guitar passage and then explodes into a crazy melodious solo, which round up one of the greatest songs on the year!

Next, Satin keeps the quality over the top: a different kind of synths (very cool) opens 'The Damage Got Done', a poppy and catchy as hell tune with some Rick Springfield feel circa 1984.
Another favorite of mine (lie, all are!) arrives with the incredibly infectious 'This Time', which it sounds like a lost REO Speedwagon song preformed by a young Jon Bon Jovi. There's lovely keys, a welcomed, different drum sound and tons of harmony vocals... '80s AOR anyone?
This Top Class stuff folks...

And the distinguished Satin pen continues with the primo AOR of 'Who You Are' similar to Lou Gramm (Foreigner) first solo album but at the same time updated, the beautiful ballad 'Heading For A Fall' (sweet vocals by Satin) recalling the obscure American '80s AOR band The Synch, and the groovy melodic hard rocker 'True Love' driven by a pulsating riff and a fantastic layered chorus.

SATIN - It's About Time (2017) inside

I have to mention that Satin not only does a very good lead vocal work here, but also he is a very clever arranger recording himself the backing vocals / harmonies in different tonality resulting in a terrific effect.
Closer is just another gem, 'Lying Eyes' a midtempo melodic rocker combining the best of Dion Bayman with the rockier side of '80s Richard Marx, there's delicious verses and a 'cascading' chorus in the vein of classic Stage Dolls. All embellished by keyboards and an effective guitar solo.

Satin's "It's About Time" is simply fabulous.
This guy is the complete package: terrific songwriting, great instrumentation, polished crystal clear production, and THAT classy Melodic Rock / AOR sound. What a talent.
All songs are keepers, no filler, with a unique style / freshness each other, full of ear-worm melodies that will stay in your head for weeks.
Yes, Satin's "It's About Time" is already placed in my Best Of the Year list, and I guess it will rank higher and higher as we reach the end of 2017.

0dayrox exclusive

01 - Look Up In The Sky
02 - I'll Never Let You Down
03 - Waiting For Someone
04 - Use It Or Lose It
05 - The Damage Got Done
06 - This Time
07 - Heading For A Fall
08 - Who You Are
09 - True Love
10 - Lying Eyes

All songs written, performed & produced by Satin



VAMP - The Rich Don't Rock [2CD remastered Deluxe Edition]

VAMP - The Rich Don't Rock [2CD remastered Deluxe Edition] full

One of you requested this Divebomb Records reissue of VAMP's "The Rich Don't Rock [2CD remastered Deluxe Edition]", out of print now with remaining copies being sold for over €140.
Munich Melodic Hard Rockers VAMP were another sad example for the way music industry works. Signed by Atlantic Records they released in 1989 the cracking "The Rich Don't Rock" album produced by Tony Platt (Foreigner) stuffed to the rafters with arena-ready choruses, hooky guitars and soaring ballsy vocals.
But VAMP were victims of their record label short sightedness and their album went nowhere commercially.

VAMP started recording their only album in Holland but due executive differences several producers come and left until they finally managed to get Tony Platt whom did a great job obtaining a brilliant and crisp sound.
VAMP toured Europe supporting White Lion, Bullet Boys, Bonfire and others but meanwhile the record company didn't promote "The Rich Don't Rock" in any way.
Disappointed with the scarce support, drummer Dickie left the band accepting the offer by no other than BRUCE DICKINSON to join him on his first solo world tour. After that tour he stayed in London and joined melodic rockers SKIN.
Soon the rest of VAMP disbanded. A sorrowful story for such talented band.

"The Rich Don't Rock" is a long-lost little gem, something of a hidden Melodic Hard Rock classic blending American and European stylings with class and superb musicianship.
Led from the front by the strong vocals of US born Tom Bellini (who really is a sonic deadringer for Tyketto's Danny Vaughan a lot of the time) and some fantastically pyrotechnic guitar playing from Ricolf Cross who adds something utterly smashtastic to every song, "The Rich Don't Rock" is chock full of great anthems and melodies ranging from fast-paced melodic hard rockers to polished AOR numbers.

Take as example the three spectacular opening tracks: "Heartbreak, Heartache" where some Scandinavian acts come to mind such as TREAT, the radio friendly HELIX-ish "Like I Want", and the thumping title track 'The Rich Don't Rock' akin STEELHEART.
But there's more highlights, in fact, all are great tunes with that classic late '80s / early '90s glossy sound, crunchy riffs and catchy choruses.

"Love Games" rocks you with a killer riff & rhythm and layers of harmony vocals to die for, while the chorus sticks in your head forever.
You'll be needing a rest after all that, so "Renegade" drops the pace a little – though not the intensity – in a meaty midtempo recalling the first KING KOBRA.
And then... another moster song. "All Nite" kicks in the doors with Fliszar’s double kick drum assault and some more string-mangling solo mayhem from Cross. In the middle, Fliszar does an amazing 1:20 min drum solo full of rage and fire.

Do you need AOR? The title of "Lonely Nights" speaks for itself (it isn't the perfect name for an AOR tune?). This a pure '80s keyboard driven golden song with screaming guitars in the mix. Musically, think ZINATRA finest moments while the chorus is pure EUROPE / Joey Tempest circa 1986.
Between these great after great tracks we have another diamond: "Stand By Me". An absolutely titanic melodic hard rocker in the mould of earlier LILLIAN AXE. It's absolutely epic, and if the album finished at this point you wouldn't be complaining.

VAMP - The Rich Don't Rock [2CD remastered Deluxe Edition] booklet

But VAMP continues rocking in an incredible way with the nasty little rocker called "Bleeding", a thrilling bass-propelled beast with blazing heavy guitars all over and a crunching climax that sends every needle into the red. Awesome.
The foot-tapping does not stop with "Talk is Cheap" where Tom Bellini sounds like Kevin DuBrow at places and the band rocks with a live feel.

We need balance for the end and the Americanized AORish "Shout" blast your speakers with a style reminding you ICON in the skeleton and AUTOGRAPH during the chorus, all wrapped by swirling keyboards.
"Why" finally draws things to an end in a razor devastating hard rockin' style – a great way to end a monstrous, and monstrously overlooked slab of blazing Melodic Hard Rock glory.

As you have read, "The Rich Don't Rock" is a pearl from start to finish.
US label Divebomb Records has tracked down the members of VAMP and have partnered with the band to bring "The Rich Don't Rock" back with the love and attention it deserves.
This is a dreamy 'Deluxe Edition' not only including the original album remastered by guitarist Ricolf in his own studio, but also a fantastic bonus CD.

CD 1 contains the original album remastered plus 3 bonus: the impossible to find VAMP first EP (only 12'' vinyl) featuring noticeable - yet killer - different versions of "The Rich Don't Rock", "Why" and "Shout".
And CD 2... 15 awesome previously unreleased tracks: 8 songs recorded for their unreleased sophomore album "One Smack Killer" and 7 TRDR demos including their 1986 demo under the name ROXX which is what got them signed.
All these stuff was professionally recorded with great production, first class sound.

VAMP - The Rich Don't Rock [2CD remastered Deluxe Edition] back

The remastering is excellent, you have a complete booklet with lyrics and rare photos, plus previously unreleased material.
I would rate the remastered CD 1 alone as Highly Recommended, but the inclusion of the bonus CD with a ton of ridiculously good unreleased material turns this release as UTTERLY Essential for fans of punchy, classy Melodic Hard Rock.
Yeah folks, this is a must listen unknown little gem.

CD 1: "The Rich Don't Rock" REMASTERED
01. Heartbreak, Heartache
02. Like I Want
03. The Rich Don't Rock
04. Love Games
05. Renegade
06. All Nite
07. Lonely Nights
08. Stand By Me
09. Bleeding
10. Talk Is Cheap
11. Shout
12. Why
13. The Rich Don’t Rock (12” EP Version)
14. Why (12” EP Version)
15. Shout (12” EP Version)

01. Little Bit
02. Love Starved Woman
03. Dead In The Backseat
04. Junkyard D.O.G. (Dirty Old Geezer)
05. One Smack Killer
06. Gimme Some Lovin'
07. I Don't Know
08. The Big Mess
09. Lonely Nights
10. What About Love
11. Down And Dirty
12. Waste Of Time
13. Love Games
14. Don't Bite
15. Talk Is Cheap

Tom Bellini – Lead and Backing Vocals
Ricolf Cross – Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Oliver Scholz – Bass, Backing Vocals
Dicki Fliszar – Drums, Percussion



MINDFEELS - XXenty (2017)

MINDFEELS - XXenty (2017) full

"XXenty" is the debut album from MINDFEELS, a new Italian AOR combo. Make no mistake; from the album title to the band's name, there's a clear TOTO reference, and ideed, MINDFEELS are absolutely influenced by Lukather & Co.
And that is a good thing in my book.

The seeds of MINDFEELS were planted 20 years ago when drummer Italo Graziana (SOUL SELLER), Roberto Barazzotto (bass) and Luca Carlomagno (guitars, keyboards, violin) created Dejanira, a cover band doing instrumental versions of Toto songs. Sometime later, the band enlarged to add vocalist Raffaella Miani to record an unreleased first album.
Moving to the more recent past, Miani was replaced by Davide Gilardino, and the band set to recording a new album.

With the Toto and Westcoast influence still prominent in their music, the band changed their name to MINDFEELS, a play on the 1999 Toto album Mindfields. They drop their first album "XXenty", also a TOTO reference, but as well so named to celebrate their better than 20 years playing music together.
However, they are not a TOTO copycat, and there's various other influences into their music

MINDFEELS incorporates all the signature Westcoast elements: strong use of melody, harmony, and groove from the vocals to guitar lines, keyboards to rhythm section, then wrapped in arrangements that can sway between light and airy to dense and deliberate.
Additionally, sweet melodies and catchy refrains abound in all of Mindfeels' arrangements. Also and again, not unlike Toto and Steve Lukather specifially, Luca Carlomagno has a strong guitar presence in both riffs and leads.
Suffice to say, while not sounding specifially like TOTO, MINDFEELS play Westcoast AOR rock in the same vein as TOTO. They're hoping, of course, to carve out their own style and may do so with this album.

Some songs with a heavier, hard rocking character especially in the riffs and rhythm section, include 'Soul Has Gone Away', 'The Joker', and 'Touch The Stone'. But even these are tempered by lighter parts in melody and synth embellishment.
More '80s AOR appear on the catchy 'Don't Leave Me Behind' (one of my favorites), while the Westcoast feeling rises in 'The Number One' where guitar, bass, drums, and synths twist into a breezy mix.

MINDFEELS - XXenty (2017) inside

A song like 'Speed' turns not on its title, but more on a rhythmic bass groove which starts and fills the arrangement. Piano lilts across the song as rhythm increases in the riffage. And Gilardino's vocals are relaxed but also deliberate.
Surprisingly, the song doesn't end with a guitar solo, something otherwise notable across this album.
The midtempo ballad arrives with 'These Words', a slower more subtle song that turns mostly on the vocal arrangement.

For MINDFEELS, obviously experienced musicians & veterans of the AOR Westcoast style, "XXenty" is a consistent and fine first effort, offering the promise of a bright future.
It's a very well balanced record including cool melodic rockers too, and a bright production.
The current music industry (most of it) don't make albums like this anymore, so kudos to the new label Art Of Melody Music / Burning Minds Music Group for releasing "XXenty", a pure delight for AOR fans.
Highly Recommended

01 - Don't Leave Me Behind
02 - Soul Has Gone Away
03 - Hidden Treasures
04 - The Joker
05 - Skyline
06 - Speed
07 - These Words
08 - Fear
09 - It's Not Like Dying
10 - Touch the Stone
11 - The Number One

Davide Gilardino - Lead and Backing Vocals
Luca Carlomagno - Guitar
Roberto Barazzotto - Bass
Italo Graziana (Soul Seller) - Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Pre Order:


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SKAM - The Amazing Memoirs Of Geoffrey Goddard (2017)

SKAM - The Amazing Memoirs Of Geoffrey Goddard (2017) full

Leicester hard rockers SKAM are not strangers to this blog, with their 2 previous albums already receiving positive reviews here. It’s been 3 years since the band’s last studio record, but it’s definitely been worth the wait. "The Amazing Memoirs of Geoffrey Goddard" is the 3rd album from the trio released today, arguably their best album to date.

"The Amazing Memoirs of Geoffrey Goddard" can be seen as a fairly ambitious record with a concept, featuring a story-arc of Squadron Leader Geoffrey Goddard, a test pilot from 1935, who is a victim of strange forces that jolt him through time.
Now, we are sure that the boys in the band have sweated blood to make sure it all makes sense, but you have a simple test when it comes to a concept album: if you don’t buy into the narrative – or don’t care less about – can you still enjoy it?
The answer here is a resounding hell and indeed yes.

'Prologue' starts the album complete with rain and plane sound effects with Squadron Leader Goddard giving us some background to his tale, setting the scene for how his strange experiences began.
'Between The Eyes' builds itself up in a way that you know something ace is coming. A strident drum beat from Neal Hill, a swaggering bass rumble from Matt Gilmore and its all topped off with a dirty little riff from Steve Hill – appropriately they have lift off.
The lead work here is different to most of those on the hard rock path. There is a real type fuzz about it, and allied to their obvious gift for writing hooks and choruses you can hum, this is something of a career high.

SKAM - The Amazing Memoirs Of Geoffrey Goddard (2017) inside

'The Iron Cross' picks up the tempo with Steve in full on guitar hero mode here; his shredding solo is just superb. Fast paced crunchy rhythms with a dark vibe combining to make an impactful rock song that sticks with you.
With its thick riff backed by a monstrous rhythm section, 'Otherside' is yet another fine slab of heavy rock that grabs you by the balls and refuses to release its grip.
Recorded old school, with the band all in the same room, there is a real warmth about the music here. Nothing sounds forced, instead it is all natural.

Another mammoth riff bursts the speakers with 'Bring The Rain', a beast of a track that truly shows off the power that SKAM possess. Slightly distorted vocals with a bit of venom, a driving rhythm section, gorgeous harmonies, bags of melody and topped off with yet another awesome guitar solo.
'Fading Before The Sun' is a very British slice of rock n roll and sounds just about perfect, while 'Two Worlds' really lets its hair down and reaches for the horizon at breakneck speed.

As the record hurtles to a close – and the story reaches its third act – there are no let ups. 'Believe In Me' is a rapid fire thing worthy of the first Velvet Revolver album and with the same stadium bothering attitude (on, no doubt, a millionth of the budget).
'Aching Hearts' is a bluesy ballad, and 'New Dawn' brings the journey to a close (Geoffrey Goddard lands) with one last groove that suckers you in.

SKAM - The Amazing Memoirs Of Geoffrey Goddard (2017) disc

No doubt there were moments en route when this undertaking seemed like the fictional four years of the central character. But for both SKAM and Geoffrey Goddard, the hard work paid off – and yeah, this is pretty amazing.
"The Amazing Memoirs of Geoffrey Goddard" is an outstanding piece of work, expertly crafted with songs honed to perfection. If you like huge guitars, big choruses, plenty of hooks, groovy bass and powerful drum work then look no further.
A solid, mature, muscular heavy hard rock concept album.

01 - Prologue
02 - Between the Eyes
03 - The Iron Cross
04 - Otherside
05 - Take It or Leave It
06 - Peace of Mind
07 - Bring The Rain
08 - Fading Before the Sun
09 - Two Worlds
10 - Believe
11 - Aching Hearts
12 - New Dawn

Steve Hill - Guitars, Vocals
Matt Gilmore - Bass, Backing Vocals
Neal Hill - Drums, Backing Vocals



ERIC JOHNSON - Collage (2017)

ERIC JOHNSON - Collage (2017) full

Exquisite Texan guitarist ERIC JOHNSON is releasing today a new CD titled “Collage”. This 10-song album - a mix of originals and covers - tops a sudden whirlwind of activity for the longtime Austin guitar virtuoso.

The interpretations on “Collage” are enlightening, from a gorgeous acoustic rendition of Jimi Hendrix’s 'One Rainy Wish' to an uplifting update of Stevie Wonder’s 'Up Tight (Everything’s Alright)' re-done in a classic Johnson's late '80s style.
The latter is a pure delight for fans of Johnson's more melodic side, that one which made him world-wide known via his awesome album Ah... Via Musicom.

That 'sound' is what most old fans have been waiting for after various recent Eric works more bluesy oriented.
And you can taste it in the newly written Johnson's originals 'Morning Sun' (killer guitar tone), 'Stratagem' and the pearl 'One Rainy Wish'.
You fall in love as well with the romantic eight-minute epic 'To Love You' and 'To Whom It May Concern', an exquisite album-closing instrumental.

ERIC JOHNSON - Collage (2017) inside

Other covers shine too, like the turbo-charged take on the Ventures’ surf-rock classic 'Pipeline' shaped by Eric into a sweet poppy tune, a superb take on The Beatles’ 'We Can Work It Out', and the B.B. King hit 'Rock Me Baby', the bluesy track on the album.

“Collage” is, for the most part, ERIC JOHNSON returning to his melodious side, those perfectly crafted tunes full of magic with a crystal clear production. His vocals are ethereal as ever, and his playing, getting better and better with age.

01 - Up Tight (Everything's Alright)
02 - Morning Sun
03 - To Love You
04 - Stratagem
05 - One Rainy Wish
06 - We Can Work It Out
07 - Rock Me Baby
08 - Pipeline
09 - The Fade
10 - To Whom It May Concern



AOR - Rare Tracks & Demos (2017)

AOR - Rare Tracks & Demos (2017) full

The AOR all star project commanded by Frederic Slama is back with a new CD titled "Rare Tracks & Demos" to be released by Perris Records next November 17th.
As the album title states, these are songs never released plus pre-production demos of tracks already known but featuring different vocalists, mix, etc.
Curiously, most the pre-production demo versions are better than the ones that finally surfaced on the different AOR official releases.

Among the vocalists featured here we find Sarah & Mélissa Fontaine (Chasing Violets), Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumn's Dream) or Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger), while many demos are sung by the quite talented Michael Kisur which seems was used to record the basic tracks that later were replaced by the star guest singers.
As said, many of the demo takes of the songs that already appeared on the AOR albums are better than the final versions, because there's a lively feel and punch somehow lost in the final production / mix.

Songs like 'How Will She Find Her Way Back?' or 'Secrets In Her Heart' (the known versions sung by David Chamberlin) and 'Tears In The Rain' (the known version sung by Rick Riso) are more integral here, raw if you want.
It's also very cool to listen to 'The Crystal Heart' (appeared in the album L.A. Connection sung by Bob Harris) in this demo version using the female vocals of Sarah Fontaine from Chasing Violets.

Among the best 'rare tracks' never released there's the strong 'The Last White Wolf', and the very Toto-ish 'Dinosaur Moves'.
A highlight for me is the awesome 'Carry On' featuring Mikael Erlandsson on lead vocals. This melodic rocker is one of the best songs ever penned by Frederic Slama and I wonder why never was included into any previous AOR album.

Among the top class musicians performing on these tracks you have Tommy Denander (Guitars, Keyboards), the exquisite Michael Thompson (Guitars), session master Michael Landau (Guitars), the great Tom Keane (Keyboards), Abraham Laboriel (Bass), John Robinson (Drums), and more.
So expect the usual quality in the instrumental section.

To sum up, "Rare Tracks & Demos" is one of the best AOR releases, simply because it offers something different: a rawer sound.
Yeah, calling an AOR track 'raw' is a figurative sense, because all here is about melody and classy harmonies. What I mean is that "Rare Tracks & Demos" are less polished, less 'over-produced' if you want, and most the songs 'breathe' with a more pulsating nerve.
Highly Recommended

0dayrox Exclusive

01 - Listen To Your Heart
02 - Mary Ann
03 - Lost In The Wrong Direction
04 - Heartless
05 - The Last White Wolf
06 - Dinosaur Moves
07 - How Will She Find Her Way Back ?
08 - Tears In The Rain
09 - Secrets In Her Heart
10 - Desperate Dreams
11 - Carry On
12 - Closer To Zero
13 - Circle Of Danger
14 - The Crystal Heart
15 - Once Off Guard
16 - Dark Whirlpool

Frédéric Slama: All Instruments
Michael Kisur: Lead & Backing Vocals
Sarah Fontaine: Lead & Backing Vocals
Mélissa Fontaine: Lead & Backing Vocals
Mikael Erlandsson: Lead & Backing Vocals
Kelly Keaggy: Lead & Backing Vocals
Tommy Denander: Guitars, Keyboards
Michael Thompson: Guitars
Michael Landau: Guitars
Tom Keane: Keyboards
Abraham Laboriel: Bass
John Robinson: Drums




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DEEP PURPLE - The Infinite Live Recordings, Vol. 1 (2017)

DEEP PURPLE - The Infinite Live Recordings, Vol. 1 (2017)  full

As part of DEEP PURPLE's roll of releases, this "The Infinite Live Recordings Vol. 1" released today on 3 LP features a brand new, previously unreleased 80 min. live show at the biggest metal festival in France, Hellfest 2017.

Recorded & produced by legend Bob Ezrin, "The Infinite Live Recordings Vol. 1" features tracks form the last studio album and of course, Deep Purple classics.
As Deep Purple put it clear in the booklet liner notes, there's 'No Overdubs' on this previously unreleased recording, and it sounds as if you would be there, at the show.

DEEP PURPLE - The Infinite Live Recordings, Vol. 1 (2017) back

Sure, "The Infinite Live Recordings Vol. 1" is destined for rabid Deep Purple fans, but this is a very, very good concert recording with the band performing full of fire, and it's highly enjoyable to all classic hard rock fans.

01 - Time For Bedlam (Live At Hellfest 2017)
02 - Fireball (Live At Hellfest 2017)
03 - Bloodsucker (Live At Hellfest 2017)
04 - Strange Kind Of Woman (Live At Hellfest 2017)
05 - Uncommon Man (Live At Hellfest 2017)
06 - The Surprising (Live At Hellfest 2017)
07 - Lazy (Live At Hellfest 2017)
08 - Birds Of Prey (Live At Hellfest 2017)
09 - Hell To Pay (Live At Hellfest 2017)
10 - Key Solo (Live At Hellfest 2017)
11 - Perfect Strangers (Live At Hellfest 2017)
12 - Space Truckin' (Live At Hellfest 2017)
13 - Smoke On The Water (Live At Hellfest 2017)
14 - Peter Gunn Hush (Live At Hellfest 2017)
15 - Black Night (Live At Hellfest 2017)

Ian Gillan – lead vocals
Roger Glover – bass
Steve Morse – guitar, vocals
Don Airey – keyboards
Ian Paice – drums



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